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As we mature, the muscles and fat pads in our face start to migrate down the face. This can have a very ageing effect and can make us look tired and sad. This process can start from as early as our late twenties, and can continue to take effect thereafter. With relatively simple, non-surgical treatment, you can ease the visible effects of ageing and rejuvenate the appearance of your facial structure and features. PHI Clinic believes in offering its patients the widest selection of treatments, so that we can tailor treatment around you and your requirements, as opposed to giving you limited choice. We may combine treatments and skincare to excel the results achieved and to give you the best service.

PHI Clinic specialises in skin tightening treatments, with a full range of therapies available that are targeted to reintroduce structure and elasticity, meaning surgery is not the only route.

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Technical Information

Ultraformer uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), which is a non-invasive technique for lifting loose skin on the face and neck. The Ultraformer II is equipped with the latest MMFU technology, meaning patients see longer lasting face lifting results and a reduction of facial lines and wrinkles.
Designed to treat the face and neck, Ultraformer can also be adopted to improve skin laxity and tone on the decolletage and jawline. It helps to firm the skin and create a much younger-looking appearance, without the scalpel and downtime associated with surgeries such as face lifting and neck lifting.

The world’s first and only macro and micro ultrasound device, Ultraformer has 7 multi-functional cartridges to deliver controlled and focused ultrasound energy to the dermis. The heat energy obtained (between 65-75 degrees Celsius) excites the production of collagen in the deeper levels on the skin, triggering the skin tightening process.

As collagen production can be ongoing, most patients will continue to see the effects of treatment improve some time after the session. Heat levels created by the Ultraformer device are not damaging to the surrounding tissue, as it only targets the treated area. The strictly focused application means that results are even and the skin remains intact, as the energy is delivered only to the deeper levels, and not to the epidermis. Therefore, there will be no visible manifestations on the skin’s surface after the procedure, and only the lifting and tightening effects will be shown.

As well as changing the intensity of the settings, our aestheticians can control the depth that the device delivers the energy. Ranging from 1.5mm-13mm, we can treat on both a superficial level, and a much deeper level for varying results, depending on the individual concerns and indications of each and every patient.

Conditions treated with Ultraformer

Frequently Asked Questions

The treatment time itself is incredibly speedy, with most sessions taking up to an hour to perform. There will be immediate results achieved after your initial session, but results continue to improve over time. Depending on the severity of the indication, you may require more or less treatment. It will also depend on the desired outcome from treatment.
This will be outlined to you upon consultation with one of our highly-trained aestheticians.

The ideal candidate is someone who is noticing skin laxity, facial sagging and drooping and perhaps some lines and wrinkles. We advise all patients to have a consultation first, as this allows us to assess your suitability and go through the relevant medical history.

PHI Clinic has a team of highly-skilled and thoroughly trained aestheticians and nurses.
With an extensive range of skills and experience behind them, we perform skin tightening procedures at PHI Clinic on a daily basis.

The areas treated with Ultraformer include the face, neck, jawline, and decolletage. Ultraformer is also used on all specific areas of the body like, the stomach, knees and bra fat.

There is no downtime associated with this treatment, and patients can resume their normal activities straight away, with the exception of hot baths or exercise within the first 48 hours. You may experience some mild swelling and sensitivity in the area, but this should subside after two days. Treatment itself is usually tolerable, but we may issue some pain relief in advance to help make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

The area may be sensitive to the touch for the first few days, and you may feel the treated sections are hot or slightly pink in colour straight after the treatment. This should subside after 2 days, and is easily coverable with makeup.

We advise all patients to apply a good SPF, a minimum of 30 to ensure you are getting decent coverage and protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. The results are ongoing, and it is important to discuss what treatment entails and the aftercare advice with your assigned clinician, prior to treatment.

We advise that patients avoid hot baths, saunas, and exercise for the first 48 hours, as this may lead to irritation and inflammation. We may issue you with some calming serum, such as aloe vera, to aid any swelling caused or erythema. Try also to avoid AHA products or perfumed skincare serums, as, again, this may enflame the treated area.

This treatment is not suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. While there are no studies to show that treatment is detrimental to the mother or baby, we err on the side of caution, always. We would also advise against treatment if you have an open wound or cold sore in the area to be treated, as this may cause irritation and the spreading of the condition.

We do not place patients under anaesthetic for Ultraformer, as it is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment. However, we may provide painkillers or apply topical anaesthetic in advance to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the session.

The price for Ultraformer treatments start from: £1100

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