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Drooping Mouth Corners

Drooping Mouth Corners

Introduction To Drooping Mouth Corners

Drooping mouth corners can give the face a sad or angry look, even when in a good mood, which can affect the self esteem of the sufferer.

One cause of a downturned mouth is a set of muscles on the jaw called depressor anguli oris (DAO), which run from the corners of the lips down to the chin. These muscles are responsible for the corners of the mouth turning down when frowning, and when overused, the repetitive action of frowning can cause drooping mouth corners. This can be treated using Botox to relax the muscle.

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Other Factors

Another factor is the natural ageing process, which results in the natural loss of collagen and elastin, proteins that control how plump and firm skin is. As these deteriorate, skin can sag or look lax, which, especially around the mouth, can lead to the appearance of having drooping mouth corners. This can be treated using dermal filler to restore youthful volume to the area around the mouth.

Smoking accelerates the natural ageing process, restricting blood flow to the top layer of skin, depleting vitamins and nutrients, and actively destroying collagen to affect the skin’s ability to “bounce back” from facial expressions as it is looser or saggier.
Genetics can also play a part in how the mouth looks, generally being passed from mother to daughter and father to son.

Treatments available for Drooping Mouth Corners

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