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Cheek filler

Cheek fillers restore structure to the face, contouring the cheeks and elevating the jawline to leave you looking lifted. 

  • Doctor-led treatment
  • Temporary and non-surgical
  • Minimal downtime

Cheek filler, bespoke to you

After losing volume in your cheeks, having a bright complexion may seem like a distant memory. But with our dermal filler treatment, you’ll leave our clinic looking fresh-faced and rejuvenated. 


As your face naturally droops when you age, the skin around the jawline begins to sag. This sagging, known as Jowls, can truly knock your confidence. But with our Juvéderm dermal fillers, infused with high levels of hyaluronic acid (HA) for a hydrating boost, you'll feel full of life. Our experts also use fillers to treat flattened, hollow and sunken cheeks in need for a new lease of life. 


Our experienced medical experts here at our London clinic will carefully tailor your treatment plan for the best results. For a life-changing cheek augmentation without any surgery, book a consultation with our experts today. 

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Filler in cheeks to lift jowls

Cheek filler, also known as midface filler, are a sought-after treatment to lift and contour the lower face, treating sagging skin and reducing jowls without surgery. A non-surgical treatment, dermal fillers are injected into parts of the cheek and jawline. By injecting filler into the lower face, lost volume is restored and the jawline is lifted. As a result, this popular non-surgical treatment can reduce the appearance of jowls and sagging skin. 


Our Juvéderm cheek fillers are enriched with hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally found in the body to help retain moisture. As we get older, we begin to lose the body’s natural concentration of hyaluronic acid. With this added infusion of hyaluronic acid, our dermal fillers simultaneously plump and hydrate the jowls. So the face is left looking younger and lifted.

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Who will perform my treatment?

We're big believers that non-surgical cheek reshaping should only be performed by experienced medical professionals. PHI Clinic founder Dr Tapan Patel has over 20 years in the aesthetics industry, holding the 2023 Aesthetics Award for Outstanding Achievement in Medical Aesthetics, and is a global trainer for Allergan Aesthetics, manufacturer of the world’s leading dermal filler brand, Juvéderm. Dr Tapan has selected a team of highly-skilled doctors and nurses that meet his exemplary standards in dermal fillers, ensuring that all PHI Clinic patients are offered the very highest levels of care.  


During your no obligation consultation, one of our medical experts will outline the areas of the cheeks where volume has been lost. One of our medical experts will talk through how the cheeks can be lifted with filler and, if you’d like to go ahead, we’ll book you in for your dermal filler treatment. So you can get natural, but noticeable, results

How long do cheek fillers last?

The lifespan of cheek filler varies, depending on the type of filler, how much is used and the patient themselves. As we use a dermal filler enriched with hyaluronic acid, this typically lasts longer compared to filler without. 


Cheek dermal fillers from the Juvéderm range can last anywhere between 12 - 15 months. As there’s less movement in the cheeks compared to the lips, for example, cheek filler may last longer. But as everyone metabolises filler differently, this really does vary from person to person. As filler isn’t permanent, a top up of filler will be needed. But during your follow up appointment, we’ll take a look at your face and filler to discuss next steps.

Do cheek fillers hurt?

As cheek filler isn’t invasive, the pain, if any, only lasts for a matter of minutes during the injection. We use a type of dermal filler, Juvéderm, that contains a local anesthetic to sooth the treated area. After the injection, you may experience mild bruising and swelling. 

How long do cheek fillers take to settle?

Unlike surgical procedures for the cheeks, cheek fillers only take around two weeks to fully settle. As our Juvéderm fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA), which retains water in the skin, it can take up to 2 weeks for your skin’s natural water levels to bind to the filler’s gel. After this, you’ll reap the true benefits of your treatment. This is why we book you in for aftercare 4 weeks after your treatment, to ensure you and your practitioner are happy with your results. 

Safe and effective treatment

Your safety is our top priority and making our patients feel welcomed and reassured when entering PHI Clinic. To ensure maximum standard of patient care, all of our treatments are only ever carried out by our experienced and highly qualified team, who receive regular in-house and external training from industry experts.


At PHI Clinic we do not offer same day treatment as initial consultation to ensure patients have time to reflect on their bespoke treatment plan before choosing to proceed.

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