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The M22 is a pioneering aesthetic treatment that combines an IPL, a multi spot ND Yag and a fractional resurfacing application enabling us to perform a wide range of treatments for our patients.

PHI Clinic introduced the M22 to the UK in 2016 and have had great successes, particularly for patients who are looking for younger, healthier and more radiant skin. Our fractional resurfacing head provides comfortable and effective treatment for scars and can even reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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Before and after M22 treatment

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Technical Information

A further benefit of this impressive treatment is that the applications can be combined for bespoke treatments. This enables us to address acne, rosacea, thread veins and various types of pigmentation in order to improve texture and tone.

This is a multi-functional tool that can be used on both the face and body to achieve dramatic results. Consultation is necessary prior to any treatment, and will be performed by one of our nurses, to assess your area of concern and discuss your expectations. Treatment is performed by the same clinician you see for consultation, and will vary from person to person, as this is a tailored procedure that will be completely unique to the individual.

Conditions treated with M22

Frequently Asked Questions

The M22 is suitable for patients of all skin types however, we cannot treat patients if they have had sun exposure.

The M22 treatment takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes with no associated downtime. Patients are able to return to work directly after treatment.

On average, patients will require 3 to 5 sessions with visible improvement being seen after each treatment.

All the PHI Clinic nurses and practitioners are completely accomplished to treat patients with the M22 device. In addition to being trained by Dr Patel, our clinicians received extensive training with the world’s leading M22 representative.

The price for M22 treatments start from: £450

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