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5 Ways To Achieve Beautiful Skin

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Pressure to retain or restore one’s youthful look is on the rise, with celebrity culture (and the access the public have to their lives) arguably becoming less restricted. Only last week the media pounced on Reneé Zelwegger for her “unrecognisable” appearance on the red carpet of ELLE’s Women in Hollywood Awards. It seems as though […]

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A History of Harley Street

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Grandeur and Opulence Harley Street was built in the Eighteenth Century, illustrating the opulence and grandeur of Georgian architecture, with its large town houses, sash windows and stately marble entrances. Hub of Medical Excellence The luxuriousness of the buildings’ design, the central location, and the extremely good transport links, soon attracted medical professionals and doctors […]

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How to Get a Subtle Lift with Face Fillers, London

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Bad Press Unfortunately, face fillers have a bad reputation due to tabloid stories about celebrities who have undone themselves with botch jobs. One only has to pick up a newspaper or magazine for evidence of this. And the truth is, there are a lot of bad injectors out there. These treatments are unregulated in the UK, […]

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