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Tattoo Removal at PHI Clinic

picoway tattoo removal london

People seek tattoo removal for many different reasons, whether it is hindering your chances of getting a job, or if you regret that group tattoo you got while living it up in Magaluf. Getting rid of unwanted tattoos is no mean feat, however. Not only have you got this very physical reminder of your drunken […]

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Does Fat Freezing Really Work?

fat freezing at PHI Clinic 1920x1280

If you struggle to get rid of your excess fat despite regular exercise and a balanced diet, you may wish to consider fat freezing as a non-surgical fat removal treatment. Through fat freezing technology, long gone are the days where the only solution seems to be going under the knife to reduce the appearance of […]

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Treatments For Décolletage

Treatments-for-the-Decolletage-PHI-Clinic- 1920 x1280

Exposure to the sun is one of the most prominent contributors to ageing. In the summertime, an area which is highly susceptible to burning, which we all keep exposed as long as the sun is shining, is our chest. Sun damage is not always obvious at first, but as well as superficial burning, you may […]

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Skin Tightening

face skin tightening treatment

Weight Loss and Sagging Skin After losing weight and getting down to your desired size, it can be a little disappointing when your skin does not reflect this achievement. Sometimes you can look gaunt after weight loss, other times you look as though you simply have not shed any weight at all. One of the […]

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Laser Hair Removal Prices UK

Laser hair removal prices london

Bargain Deals When looking at laser hair removal prices, or prices for anything, it is natural to love a good bargain, whether it’s on a new frock, washing powder or a holiday. However, when it comes to our bodies, where do we draw the line? Only a few years ago, the PIP breast implant scandal […]

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