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Turkey Neck Treatment

turkey neck treatment harley street ultraformer

A sagging neck can be hidden fairly easily under a turtleneck, but for a summer-friendly alternative that doesn’t need to be put in the washing machine, more and more people are turning towards surgical procedures and, increasingly, their non-surgical alternatives. At PHI Clinic, we have a range of treatments that can transform the jowls, neck […]

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Should I Have Facial Fillers Or Surgery?

face fillers or surgery treatment

We all know that fillers can work to plump up the skin, reduce wrinkles, and provide an all-round anti-ageing effect, however, there are some specific conditions that may require more consideration on whether surgical or non-surgical intervention is required. In this article, we will highlight two key indications that patients may be considering cosmetic intervention for, […]

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What Is Melasma And How Does Melasma Appear?

melasma melasma how does it appear treatment london

Melasma is a condition that occurs predominantly in women and can wreak havoc with the makeup artist within us as it can be hard to cover up. It is increased pigmentation that has a mask-like appearance around the eyes, and can knock the self-confidence of the sufferer. […]

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Forehead Lines – Botox Or Fillers?

forehead lines botox or filler

When addressing the lines on the forehead, we are often asked what the preferred method of treatment is; dermal fillers or Botox? The forehead lines that we are referring to are the horizontal lines that go along the forehead above the brows, and not frown (glabellar) lines, which are vertical wrinkles between the brows. The […]

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The Reasons Why You Look So Tired

tired eyes dermal fillers london

It’s probably one of the worst observations someone can make, but “you look tired” is still very much part of our everyday vernacular. It can be said honestly, without meaning to seem ‘mean’ but hearing it a lot can cause a fair amount of self-consciousness in even the most emotionally robust among us. […]

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Freezing Your Frown

freezing frown Lines treatment image

In this article we are going to be addressing freezing frown lines. This can be taken literally in the sense of preventing the muscles from contracting in that area but could also be taken as freezing the years, when a patient feels their appearance does not correlate with their state of mind. Many patients visiting PHI […]

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Smooth Stubborn Forehead Lines

Stubborn Forehead Lines Botox PHI Clinic 1719x1273

One of the primary concerns that people visit PHI Clinic for is to address the increase in the appearance of expression lines all around the face, but one of the main concerns we see is stubborn forehead lines. There are two areas of concern; the horizontal lines above the eyebrows, and the vertical lines between […]

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