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Does Vegan Botox ® Exist?

Vegan Botox london 1692x1128

Botox ® is one of the most well-known cosmetic injectables on the market today, and the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. It seems like men and women of all ages are embracing the injections, but is vegan Botox available? Used all over the face for its anti-wrinkle and muscle relaxing effects, Botox ® relaxes the […]

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How Does Frown Line Filler Work?

Frown Line Filler PHI Clinic 690x960

Frown line filler is perfect for those stubborn glabella lines between the brows, especially when they have become static, or ‘etched-in.’ Also called bunny lines or elevens, these usually thick wrinkles can be brought on by factors that affect your skin health, like eating refined foods or consistently spending too much time in the sun. […]

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Rejuvenation Facial Benefits

Rejuvenation Facial Benefits London 1280x853

There is a simple but effective treatment we use at PHI to address a range of skin concerns, and it takes just one 30 minute session to see great rejuvenation facial benefits. The Hydrafacial treatment itself works in a similar way to microdermabrasion, without the downtime traditionally associated with such procedures. It is suitable for […]

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Does Nose Bridge Filler Work?

Nose Bridge Filler work London 1920x1134

Nose bridge filler is becoming more and more popular as both a treatment in its own right and also as a precursor to traditional rhinoplasty, used to give an indication of how the nose will look after a surgical procedure. The nose is, in essence, the defining feature of the face, which can make it […]

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Are There Any Vegan Friendly Dermal Fillers?


Both non-surgical cosmetic procedures and veganism have increased in popularity in recent years, making it natural that the two will meet at some point. So are there any vegan friendly dermal fillers? First, it’s vital to outline the parameters of what ‘vegan’ means. Dietary veganism involves avoiding animal products in food, with ethical veganism extending […]

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Non Surgical Cheek Enhancement

Non Surgical Cheek Enhancement 1920x1119

As cosmetic treatments become more accessible than ever before for the general public, there is a growing selection of options available, including procedures like non surgical cheek enhancement. Both surgical and non-surgical treatments are rising in popularity, both with their pros and cons, though this should always come down to individual needs and suitabilities. Cheek […]

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ThermiVa FAQs

Thermiva treatment london 1920x1063

We have compiled the most common questions we receive regarding treatment into this list of ThermiVa FAQs for all the information you need about this non-surgical vaginal tightening option. Last year, we introduced ThermiVa into PHI Clinic, and have performed so many successful treatments for women already. This treatment comes from Thermi, who specialise in producing […]

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