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Skin Consultation

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Skincare products fill the drawers, bathroom cabinets, and dressing tables of women and men all over the country, but how helpful are they really? ‘One size fits all’ skincare has no place at the table here at PHI Clinic, because we appreciate that no two people are alike. Our philosophy for any treatment is based […]

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Yezidi Emergency Support PHI-Lanthropy Charity Ball

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As well as directing PHI Clinic, alongside an online training platform for cosmetic practitioners and a practical injectables training day, Dr Tapan also has a charity organisation that he runs with his wife, Gudiya. Through PHI-Lanthropy, Dr Tapan has provided free treatments to burn and scar victims like Darren Pidgeon, Tulsi Vagjiani, and Katie Piper, […]

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Dr Tapan at CCR Expo

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As well as being the medical director of PHI Clinic, Dr Tapan also directs an online learning platform for cosmetic injectors, eMASTR, and a practical training masterclass, Academy 102. He has been teaching other practitioners through Academy 102 since 2014 from the specially adapted first floor of the clinic, and first introduced eMASTR at the […]

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How To Get Plump Lips

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Trends recently have swayed towards a full pout but with influencers like Kylie Jenner, known for her plump lips, dissolving their fillers, it seems that natural lips are now en vogue. Our focus at PHI has always been on small enhancements that produce subtle but effective results for every patient. […]

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Non-Surgical Jawline Reshaping

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Non-surgical jawline reshaping is becoming more and more popular among women and men alike who are looking for an improvement in the shape of the jaw without turning to traditional surgical methods. At PHI, we offer augmentation using Botox® and dermal fillers, performed by our highly experienced injectors, for subtle but effective changes to shape […]

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The Best Time To Use Laser Based Treatments

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We house the largest range of devices in the UK, including laser based devices used to address various indications. The best time to start laser based treatments is autumn and winter, as most will advise avoiding UV exposure following procedures, making the darker months preferable to many. As well as this, sunburnt and tanned skin […]

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PHI Clinic Injectable Nurses

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While Sarah and Samantha are not new faces here at PHI, they now have new roles within the clinic. After extensive training, both have become injectable nurses and are now performing injectable treatments, including Botox® and dermal fillers, here at PHI. […]

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