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How Can I Reduce Fine Lines On My Face?

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Many of the people we treat at PHI come to us because they wish to reduce fine lines that have appeared on their faces. As we age, it’s inevitable that our skin won’t be as smooth and flawless as it once was, but do we have to accept this natural phenomenon or can we delay […]

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Are Lip Fillers Safe?

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In western cultures, the cosmetic and aesthetic sectors are booming markets, growing increasingly popular by the social media drive for flawless perfection. One of the most requested procedures is temporary lip augmentation with dermal fillers to treat thin lips or an asymmetry. But are lip fillers safe, and what is the best product to use […]

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Armpit Sweating Treatment In London

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Long-term armpit sweating treatments are becoming more and more sought after. Maybe because in the busy frenetic world we now reside in, we don’t have time to keep changing clothes, applying antiperspirant, or avoiding sweaty situations. Most people who experience heavier than normal or excessive perspiration may be suffering from the relatively common condition hyperhidrosis. […]

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