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How Can I Achieve A More Defined Jawline

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The desire for a defined jawline for both men and women has taken off as a trend over recent years, with the market flooded by gadgets aimed to strengthen the neck and chin and redefine the jawline. The portrayal of masculinity within the media has deemed a strong jawline as a desirable attribute for men.

The ideology of a strong jawline is said to represent strength and power. Just as a strong jawline can be a desirable trait, for some a weak jawline can create self-confidence concerns. Some men grow a beard to cover the jawline, but for some a non-surgical treatment like fillers may be a solution as no downtime is required with results lasting up to 24 months .

What Causes A Weak Jawline? - jawline slimming phi clinic

What Causes A Weak Jawline?

A weak jawline can result from a weak chin, which is commonly genetically passed down or caused by factors like ageing and the alignment of the teeth. As we mature, the muscles and fat pads in our face migrate, resulting in the skin losing elasticity and becoming thinner over time.

As a result, the skin gravitates down the face creating sagging skin, which ultimately affects the appearance of the jawline.

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Non-Surgical Treatment For A Defined Jawline

The introduction of dermal fillers to the chin can enhance and add definition to the face. Juvederm fillers contain a naturally occurring sugar called hyaluronic acid which attracts and retains water in the chin for a plumping effect resulting in the desired masculine contours. By treating the chin and jawline, you can refine the overall face shape, improving symmetry and definition.

“You see more men coming in for treatment because in male patients, a powerful chin denotes strength. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to treatment; we used to have these ideologies but actually, it’s always about balance. For instance, if somebody has got well developed cheek bones, good sized eyes, full lips then actually, having a prominent chin and strong jawline is desirable because otherwise anything else could look too heavy”. – Dr Tapan

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Dermal fillers at PHI Clinic London

At PHI, we understand that everyone’s face is different, which is why we offer thorough consultations to identify a tailored treatment plan to achieve the best possible results for you. We are a multi-award winning clinic for 3 years in a row, that provide natural and effective results, individual to our patients needs.

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