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The Art Of The Non-surgical Nose Augmentation

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Non-surgical nose augmentation has hugely increased in popularity in recent years. There was a time when acceptance was the only way to deal with most dermatological conditions, resulting from social stigmas as defined by humanity.

While different and unique should both be celebrated, certain disproportions need to be resolved. When it comes to the nose, the most visible organ on a person’s face, there is only so much that can be avoided.

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Nose Jobs

Over the years, many medical procedures have been invented to tackle these issues, and nose jobs, also known as rhinoplasty in the surgical world, are certainly among them. The pitfalls of surgical rhinoplasty are plenty, though in many cases, there may not be an alternative. But the general consensus around surgery is that people do not prefer going under the knife unless it is absolutely necessary, which is understandable. In the cases of nasal trauma, congenital defects, respiratory impediments or previously failed surgeries, surgery may be the only option but for other issues like droopy tips, crookedness, or nose bumps a non-surgical nose augmentation is the answer.

Non-Surgical Methods

Thanks to advancements in skin care and cosmetics, the scenario has changed significantly. Non-surgical methods are cropping up at an unprecedented pace. This post focuses on the art of the non-surgical nose augmentation, which, from a cosmetic point of view, is a boon for people with nose-related issues. Whether you want a subtle change in the shape of your nose, or you require a major transformation, non-surgical aesthetics have come a long way to be able to provide remarkable non-surgical nose job results.

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Benefits of non-surgical nose augmentation

• Cost-effective
• Pain-free procedure
• Lesser recovery time
• Significantly lower risk of infections
• Try a new look before deciding on rhinoplasty

It has also been referred to as a “lunchtime procedure” due to how quick and easy it is to implement and recover from. The procedures are temporary, lasting for up to 24 months depending on the patient. The most important thing is to have skilled doctors and practitioners.

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Risks and choosing the right personnel

Despite the advancements in this field, there are certain risks that you should be aware of. Injectables, in general, come with certain risks, ranging across bruising, swelling and bleeding. The most important thing to note about the nose is that it is a relatively delicate organ because the blood supply is rather weak, especially if the patient has undergone prior surgeries.

The type and amount of filler used along with the possible reactions are some of the points that should be factored in. This is where the doctor’s experience also comes into play, apart from carrying out the actual procedure. They should be able to highlight all the risks and possible outcomes during a tailored consultation with you.

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Non-surgical nose jobs at PHI Clinic

We use state-of-the-art procedures, equipment and practices to ensure that our patients go home with the desired results. To ensure this, our experts require a consultation prior to treatment to understand your expectations and your medical history in order to plan out the best possible outcomes.

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