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Brotox: Botox For Men

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We have all heard the term ‘bromance’ being bounced around over the past few years, but we have a new bit of lingo to add to your vocabulary: Brotox. That’s right – Botox for men!

The majority of people are extremely accepting of seriously close, yet platonic, bonds between two male friends. Yet, we don’t seem to be so hot on the idea of guys getting brotox treatments because it is deemed ‘feminine’.

The signs of ageing are universal, and not confined to a specific gender. The skin loses its elasticity, its hydration, its glow and starts to wrinkle and sag. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, these signs will ultimately appear on us all. So why should treatments be  gender-specific?

botox for men

Botox is a great ongoing treatment that temporarily relaxes facial muscles to prevent us over-working them and the skin. This in turn prevents wrinkles and deep lines from forming – nothing feminine about that, is there?

In fact, over 4 million patients in the US alone have Botox every year; according to plasticsurgery.com, Botox treatments rose by 8 per cent in 2012, and are increasingly popular. Botox is the most commonly heard name for botulinum toxin, a purified protein that is used by aesthetic practitioners to temporarily relax a a muscle. The name Botox is a branded form of botulinum toxin that is manufactured by Allergan, who also make products like Juvederm dermal fillers. We exclusively use branded Botox in our clinic, as the most established product on the market that is known the world over for its clinical efficacy.

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