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Shakes Smoothies & Supplements


We are healthier country today It is safe to say that the population, especially in the UK, has become much more health-conscious than in previous decades. Statistics actually show that a staggering 73% of the public part take in a work out regime at least once or twice a week. Protein shakes and high-energy smoothies […]

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Botox Reviews

Dr Tapan Patel - Botox - Fillers

We are very proud of the Botox reviews we have received. Throughout 2016, we have generated over 100 reviews online, many of which are present on our website. We managed to achieve this with our consistent commitment to providing patients with an unrivalled service when administering cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. Our main focus is subtlety, […]

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Friend or loved one suffering from acne


We all have one friend who unfortunately has drawn the short straw and is affected with acne. This may have started when we were at school, and first realised that one particular friend would be suffering from acne.   Suffering from acne It’s quite hard to actually imagine what it is like if your affected […]

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Best Clinic London

best clinic london

On Saturday 3rd December, PHI Clinic and our team members attended the 2016 Aesthetic Awards having been shortlisted for ‘Best Clinic London 2016.’ Crown Plaza Hotel London It was a wonderful event that took place at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Westminster. We were honoured to receive this award in both 2014 and 2015, so […]

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Search for the Best Anti-Ageing Cream

Isn’t ageing a funny thing? We spend our childhood chasing age and then for the rest of our lives it chases us. But how can we stop it from catching us quickly? Prevention is key when it comes to retaining that youthful complexion. The earlier we start to use good skincare and a good SPF, […]

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The Beauty Box Hype


As Christmas draws closer we all have the same thing in common. We put a question out there to lessen your panic and to maybe give you a little excitement. ” Are you ready for the Best Ever Christmas yet?” “Have you bought anything from your children’s list?” What’s a beauty box? A list has been made 3 […]

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The World In Filters


Not claiming to be ‘tech savvy’; however, even a novice can upload and share images in today’s world. Did you know that 60% of smartphone users are now on Snapchat, with an estimated 100 million registered users using filters? That’s staggering! At PHI Clinic we provide treatment for our patients to reduce imperfections on the skin […]

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Facial Redness Treatment


As we say goodbye to the lovely, golden brown suntans that we have been blessed with over the summer months. We are forced (unfortunately) to withstand the cold brisk temperatures of this great country. Scarves, hats, gloves, jacket at the ready – it’s now time to embrace hibernation mode. Being a cosmetic practice that specialises in laser […]

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How To Tighten Neck Skin Without Surgery


If you’re looking to know how to tighten neck skin without surgery, it will not take long before you stumble across a treatment that promises the world. Okay; easy part over. Next up – the hard part; distinguishing between the devices, brands or technologies that are best suited for you. Cue puzzled expression. Treatment Options […]

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Face veins treatment

face veins treatment london 1919x650

Tiny red veins can appear in many areas of the body that are most common in areas such as face veins and leg veins. “While blood’s in our veins we won’t go unnoticed.” Face veins historically have been a tricky problem; they grow as subtly as a child through the years, until the day you […]

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Eye Treatments for Bags

eye bag-treatments

We have all tried eye treatments for bags yet to form, so prevention is the key when we’re young. If we were ever to reflect upon the list of things that we were 100% certain we would never ever do in life, we will almost certainly see cosmetic surgery. I think we also all relate and completely […]

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Temporary Lip Fillers

temporary lip fillers

One of the most popular treatments that we have performed at PHI clinic for many years is temporary lip fillers. This treatment has actually been around for quite a long time, but worldwide we have seen a 70% increase in lip filler enquires in the last year, and reports show that lip enhancements are in […]

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Jawline slimming treatments

wide jaw treatment london

At PHI Clinic, we are all about results and very few treatments are more satisfying to provide than jawline slimming treatments – I’ll tell you why. As humans, we are creatures of habit, whether our habits include sleeping on one side of the bed, sleeping on one side of our bodies, eating food in a […]

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Coffee at PHI Clinic


With the hustle and bustle of everyday life; the early mornings, late nights, plans and schedules to keep to, it’s no surprise we all need a pick me up. Coffee boosts physical performance; it is known that black coffee consumed roughly an hour before exercise can give an 11-12% spike in energy. The caffeine works […]

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Forehead wrinkles treatment


There are many on the quest for forehead wrinkles treatment. When we envisage getting wrinkles at a later age and start to feel concerned that we may see them creeping through, our eyes are usually drawn almost immediately to our foreheads – but why? Well, a lot of expression is in our foreheads so it […]

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Redness around nose


It’s that time of year, summer is officially over, the autumn leaves are falling and the glowing sun tans have officially faded, leaving a calm coolness to the air. Often with the swift turn in temperature, the kids returning to school and one by one everybody getting a cold, approximately 1 in 10 of us will […]

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Botox® Gone Wrong


Unfortunately, it is a sad truth that in some cases, Botox treatment does not go as planned or resemble the desired result of the patient. The reasons behind Botox gone wrong are plentiful, and it is important to do your research before embarking on appearance-altering procedures. At PHI Clinic, London, it is our goal to […]

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The Rise Of The Skin Tightening Machine

In this article we want to discuss the rise of the ‘skin tightening machine’. Many skin tightening devices can now be seen in clinics all across the UK and frequently feature in the homes and houses of the rich and famous. The likes of Kim Kardashian and internet sensation Dan Bilzerian regularly showcase cosmetic devices […]

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