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Bespoke Skincare Tips


If you have yet to try PHI Clinic’s fantastic UniverSkin skincare range; what are you waiting for? Not only is the serum designed and tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle, it is fresh, full of active ingredients and is made up right in front of you. For those who have the UniverSkin serum, here […]

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Non-Surgical Liposuction with CoolSculpting

Non-surgical liposuction PHI Clinic London

Non-surgical liposuction with CoolSculpting targets stubborn fat around the body as opposed to being a treatment used for weight loss. Pockets of fat are common for many people and may cause concerns for some, with the immediate response, leading some to adopting fad diets and crazy exercise regimes, with hopes of reducing the appearance of […]

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Liposuction side effects and the true cost

Liposuction side effects and the true cost: If unresearched, any treatment can be harmful. When seeking private medical care, trust is a must. This is why at Phi Clinic we want to keep our patients and visitors as informed as possible. The cost of liposuction in the UK can vary a great deal as can […]

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Tips on How to Tighten Skin


Tips on How to Tighten Skin There are many different things that contribute to lax skin, and it is a very common indication presented to us at PHI Clinic, London. Whether you tend to fluctuate in weight and have some saggy skin in certain areas, or perhaps you have just had a baby and are […]

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Natural Bespoke Skincare


Natural Bespoke Skincare Food for Thought Many of us are getting stricter with our daily food intake and what we put in our bodies these days. Whether you are an avocado advocate or a super foods specialist; knowing the exact ingredients, source and nutritional benefits of your food is paramount. So why, then, do we […]

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Philosophy of Bespoke Skincare

philosophy bespoke skincare

We have all entered chemists and beauty aisles on a quest to stock up on products to help improve our skin. Whether you end up going for pretty packaging, scientific spiel or simply what seems most cost-effective, the majority of us will simply settle for less-than-helpful skincare products, that are just not effective. PHI Clinic, […]

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A Guide on How to Get Rid of Jowls

A Guide on How to Get Rid of Jowls Jowls – the drooping fat that frames the chin, towards the corners of the mouth – can be incredibly difficult to shift, but is also one of the main effects of ageing. The loss of volume and elasticity within the skin can have a great impact […]

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How Long Does Botox Last?

How Long Does Botox Last PHI Clinic London 700x200

Botulinum toxin is a purified protein which is used in aesthetic medicine to temporarily relax the facial muscles, preventing fine lines and wrinkles forming or getting worse. Botox is the single most popular treatment in the US, with millions of patients being seen every year. It is an extremely safe, with over 100 years of […]

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Rosacea Awareness Month

rosacea PHI Clinic London 1920x1280

Rosacea is a common condition, with over 45 million affected, across the globe. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the condition, so here at PHI Clinic London we are joining the Rosacea Awareness Month campaign to highlight a common concern that many people face.     […]

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How To Remove Under Eye Bags

Eye Bags PHI Clinic 1920x1280

Late nights, ageing and genetics can all cause the skin around the eyes to appear tired which can form the appearance of under eye bags. Whilst there are many home remedies like placing a cold used tea bag under the eyes, to investing in expensive creams to reduce puffiness, these temporary measures only seem to […]

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Non Surgical Revolution

non surgical

More and more people are turning to non surgical procedures as opposed to surgical, as a result of technological advancements enabling treatments to be performed that leave effective results without having to go under the knife. In particular as we focus on areas of the face, many practitioners now look to treat their patients using […]

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