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Cellulaze: The Process

Cellulaze, the most advanced and effective treatment for cellulite, was introduced to the UK in 2011 by Mr Hassan Shabaan. Mr Shabaan is a specialist in laser plastic surgery at PHI Clinic. Patients seeking Cellulaze as a solution to removing their cellulite often have many questions about the Cellulaze treatment process, which inspired the idea for this blog.

Your consultation

When you come to PHI Clinic for your initial consultation, you will always see the specialist who will be performing your procedure. For those seeking treatment for cellulite, Mr Shabaan is the man for the job. You will be given a full examination of the affected areas and the grade and variation of your cellulite will be determined. Mr Shabaan will go through all of your options and decide on the best way to achieve optimum results for each individual patient.


After just one treatment we will aim to achieve a lovely, smooth result. Results will continue to improve over the next 3-12 months. Mr Shabaan has achieved some astounding results with Cellulaze since it was introduced to the UK, and they have been consistently good ever since.

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Cellulaze at PHI Clinic

If you are looking for Cellulaze treatment in London, it is offered exclusively at PHI Clinic. PHI Clinic is located at 102, Harley Street.

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