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The Complete Eye Fix

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Tear trough treatment is an eye fix treatment primarily performed with patients that are just beginning to experience signs of tiredness. This would usually be represented in shadowing that forms underneath the eye. As we age we start to lose volume in that area and eyes tend to sink back ever so slightly into the head. This can cause the appearance of shadowing and can, in turn, result in some pigmentation and darkening around the eye area.

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The Eye Fix Treatment

With light applications of hyaluronic acid (HA) filler we can not only restore volume and reduce the appearance of shadowing, but also in turn rejuvenate the skin and work to reduce the pigmentation in that area. HA fillers work using a naturally occurring cushioning agent to reintroduce volume to a target area. At PHI, we use the Juvederm Vycross range by Allergan, proven clinically effective, and favoured by our experienced doctors.

The treatment, to perform, takes around about 30 minutes. In some cases a light anaesthetic cream may be applied prior to the injections to numb the area. The fillers themselves also include Lidocaine to reduce any discomfort felt during the procedure. In some cases our doctors may prefer to provide light applications of ice to the area prior to injecting as this can reduce the chance of bruising and is a much more beneficial way to numb the area.

The number of injections required for a tear trough treatment does depend upon the patient: during your consultation, the amount of product that will be required and also the technical complexities of the case will be determined by the doctor which will determine the amount of injections required.

Eye Fix Treatment To Refresh And Reduce

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