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Sunken Cheeks

Sunken Cheeks

Introduction To Sunken Cheeks

Sunken cheeks can make the face look gaunt or appear sick, and can be a source of self-consciousness for many. Genetics are mostly responsible; as our genes dictate where subcutaneous fat is stored, your cheeks can carry little to no fat, creating a hollow or sunken look. Collagen, the protein responsible for keeping skin plump and firm, deteriorates over time, which leads to sagging of the skin, contributing to sunkenness and loss of skin elasticity.

At PHI Clinic, we have a range of treatments suited to correcting sunken cheeks, including dermal fillers, the 8 Point Lift (devised by our own Dr Tapan Patel), and laser resurfacing. To book a no obligation consultation with one of our highly experienced clinicians and find out how we can help combat sunken cheeks, contact PHI Clinic today.

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Before and after Sunken Cheeks treatment

Factors to consider - Tapan Patel 690x960

Factors to consider

Smoking aids this process by reducing blood flow to skin, and nicotine destroys and contributes to decreased synthesis of new collagen. Your environment, if regularly exposed to harsh weather conditions, can also affect the supply of nutrients from blood vessels to the skin, resulting in reduced elasticity.

Extreme dieting, sudden weight loss, and increased exercising can cause fat loss from certain parts of the body; cheeks included. This extends to illnesses that cause weight loss, like cancer, bulimia, anorexia nervosa, and TB.

Treatments available for Sunken Cheeks

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