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The Increasing Demand for Cosmetic Treatments


With the continued growth in demand cosmetic treatments we at PHI clinic and more committed than ever to providing our patients with the best technologies and solutions for treatment.

Is this entirely down to the quest for perfection? Or is it something more? There is undoubtedly more information and education that is accessible to us; results are increasingly better and people are becoming more open and beginning to share their experiences with others more candidly.

Our views

cosmetic treatments at PHI Clinic


We encourage patients to talk about their cosmetic treatments with friends, whether their experience be good or bad. It’s by this type of debate that we can ensure the standard continues to rise along with the demand.

We are constantly bombarded by the pressure to look good, but we also know there are options available to assist us in achieving these goals as we embark on a quest for perfection. This does not mean that we are all going to leave the clinic looking like Angelina Jolie, but our own type of perfect, which we believe translates into self-satisfaction.

Our NEW cosmetic treatments

It gives us great pride to share that we have introduced over seven new tried and tested treatments to the UK in the last two years, including some fat reduction treatments as well. One in particular was a new fat reduction treatment using laser – SculpSure. (Please be aware that Sculpsure treatments are not currently available here at PHI Clinic.)

Sculpsure uses heat energy to cause a reaction called apoptosis. Essentially it targets and destroys fat cells allowing for a more contoured appearance within specific areas of the body. It’s nifty diodes enable your practitioner to target smaller, more stubborn pockets of fat and treat accordingly.

Sculpsure is a non surgical device and treatment can be performed in under 40 minutes. (repeat sessions may be necessary). As this is not a replacement for diet an exercise PHI Clinic encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Diet and exercise is paramount

Whilst these treatments can provide fantastic results, they cannot and will not ever be a satisfactory replacement for a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise. In fact, this is an essential part of the consultation and if patients are not deemed to be making any attempt to exercise or eat healthily, then we may not allow them to proceed with treatment. Fat reduction treatments complement the great work that you are doing to get into shape, but they certainly cannot be used as an alternative. So, let’s get motivated

If you are struggling to fit diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle into your day-to-day work, then the best thing you can do is formulate a plan. If you can’t join a gym then perhaps getting up one hour earlier and doing some morning exercise will be the answer that you need. Find a short routine that works for you; this should not be any more than 20 minutes when you get started. In this case, the early bird will really catch the worm, but it will also leave you with a feeling of satisfaction throughout the whole day from your achievement.


For further guidance there are great fitness books like “The Louise Parker Method” www.louiseparker.uk.com aims to give everyone the wherewithal to be ‘fit, happy and free’.

If you are committed to getting healthy, or you have already taken these steps and want to explore treatments to enhance your current efforts, then it is time to book your consultation with us at PHI.

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