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Does Fat Freezing Really Work?

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If you struggle to get rid of your excess fat despite regular exercise and a balanced diet, you may wish to consider fat freezing as a non-surgical fat removal treatment. Through fat freezing technology, long gone are the days where the only solution seems to be going under the knife to reduce the appearance of fat. Unlike surgery, fat freezing with CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive treatment with little to no downtime required that can treat pockets of fat around the body. Whilst surgery would be better suited to those looking for weight loss, but targeted fat reduction. 

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How Does Fat Freezing Work?

CoolSculpting® has many benefits over traditional surgical liposuction. Fat freezing is non-surgical, invasive treatment and as a result, requires little to no downtime treating areas of concern like love handles and bra fat. With FDA approval, Cryolipolysis is the technology behind CoolSculpting® that works to eliminate fat cells using controlled cooling to reshape and contour the body.

Fat cells tend to freeze at a higher temperature which is why fat freezing can be used against stubborn areas of fat, with no impact or damage being caused to the surrounding tissue. Fat cells are then removed from the body through the bodies natural processes, eliminating fat cells in that particular area for good.



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If I've Had CoolSculpting®, Can I Eat What I Want?

CoolSculpting® eliminates pockets of fat around the body but shouldn’t be mistaken for a weight loss procedure. Those suitable for treatment are patients within their desired goal weight looking to reduce the appearance of stubborn fat in particular areas of the body, as CoolSculpting® will reduce the appearance of stubborn fat, but won’t necessarily equate to weight being lost.

Following on from treatment, it is important for patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle as you can still gain weight around the treated area. Despite there being a lower concentration of fat cells in the treated area, weight gain can expand fat cells within untreated areas of the body which can spread out, slightly impacted the targeted area. Whilst weight gain may not be prominent in the treated areas, by adopting a healthy lifestyle and incorporating fitness into your daily regime, optimum results are maintained.

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CoolSculpting® At PHI Clinic London

Your CoolSculpting® journey will be different to the next person, which is why we will work with you on a tailored treatment plan to achieve your goals. With different applicators to choose from, our clinicians are able to alter the device to your needs and areas of concern.

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