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Facelift Recovery – Do’s & Don’ts

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Everybody is different. Traditionally the media is full of testimonials of facelift recovery patients who spend a few nights in hospital with morphine drips and drains, followed by weeks of bruised hibernation at home. Local anaesthetic facelifting is very different.

Our patients literally walk off the operating table and are back home within the hour. They have some tightness from the bandages but no one to date has needed anything stronger than paracetamol for discomfort. Bruising takes 7-10 days to disappear but is confined to the lower neck after day 3-4 so we have had patients go back to their desk job with a turtle neck on by day 4-5. The addition of brow or eyelid procedures may prolong recovery purely because of visible bruising.

How soon can I work out after a facelift Recovery?

Gently – 5 days
Full work out – 3 weeks
Full contact sports – 8 Weeks

Can I avoid a long Facelift Recovery Scar?

Really the facelift recovery scar needs to be as long as necessary to achieve the result desired. There are a lot of compelling mini lifts, one stitch lifts etc out there that promise the world in everyone. This is marketing over reality. Some improvement will be seen but this will be shorter lasting and less impactful. Conversely the longer a scar the better it heals as the tension is spread over a wider surface area.

What can I do to minimise the scar after a facelift?

Scar management starts before the facelift. Mr Dominic Bray will advise you on diet and supplements to make sure your body is in the best condition for recovery. Incision technique and placement are critical to insure a great scar as is tension free closure under magnification. The closure process accounts for more than half of the total facelift time!
Following a facelift the avoidance of smoking and sunlight is key.

Lesley – After Facelift (Day 6)

Lesley Facelift Recovery - Day 6


Lesley After – Facelift (12 weeks)

Lesley Facelift Recovery Week_12a


Happy, healthy patient

Lesley Facelift Recovery

Lesley 62 Testimonial – Looking Fantastic!

“Bless you, it has been very good for my self-confidence, all your work and so pleased I met you. Trust came instantly, you are the top of your field and it made it all very easy!!”

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