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Family And Friends Approval Of Your Cosmetic Choices

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It can be difficult enough when you make a decision about a cosmetic or aesthetic procedure, without having an unsupportive response from friends and family. Frustrating as it is, there are two key steps to resolving the problem, and both require patience and understanding on your part.

Either your family and friends are concerned for a reason or they’re concerned for no reason. In both of those situations, their feelings for you are influencing their response to this potentially large piece of news.

Listed below are some common responses and how to deal with them.

“You Haven’t Done Enough Research” - shutterstock_237834490 690x960

“You Haven’t Done Enough Research”

These are all cowboys – look at (insert celebrity ‘botch-job’ here)
Due to the cosmetic industry being unregulated, it is a genuine worry that many people have, but if you arm yourself with as many reviews and as much information as possible about your practitioner and clinic, you’ll be fine.

This is one of the responses that you’ll hear regularly, so combat it with doing really thorough research. This is great for proving you know all you possibly can to someone else, and also makes sure you have the best practitioner for your treatment. TrustPilot and Realself are brilliant resources for this, as you can find ratings for clinics, procedures, and specific practitioners to support your decision.

“You don’t need any work done! You’re beautiful as you are!”

It’s always nice to hear a compliment, but if you only get them following telling people about your decision to pursue a cosmetic procedure, it can seem like it is being said just to stop you from going forward with a treatment. Your body is your own, to do with as you please, and other people’s opinions should not influence whether or not you change anything about it.

“Why Would You Do That? Who Are You Trying To Impress?”

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