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Are Fillers The Only Option For Thin Lips?

Sunken Cheeks Treatment

Thin lips are one of the more noticeable signs of ageing, especially in women, who are the predominant wearers of lipstick and lipgloss. This can affect self-confidence, and increase self-consciousness of the sufferer, especially when thin lips have come about as a result of ageing.

Some people swear by cinnamon and honey used like lip balm, or mixing niacin in with lip gloss, but results from these are extremely short term, lasting only for a matter of hours, if not minutes. Using makeup tricks to make lips look more plump is also suggested, like wearing a bright pink lipstick or gloss, which reflects more light, or using two tones of lipstick to contour and give the appearance of a full lip. Another tip is to outline the vermillion border using lip liner in order to achieve a fuller effect. These are also temporary measures, but may last the whole day.


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A lasting Solution

For a longer lasting solution, we recommend dermal fillers. Dr Tapan Patel, Dr Nestor Demosthenous, & Mr Apul Parikh are the main providers of dermal fillers in the lips at PHI Clinic, and we also have injectables nurses Sarah Gaughan and Samantha Knuckey with us. All of our doctors are highly trained and between them have lectured both at home and abroad on topics like the subtle, natural use of dermal fillers in the lips. The products we use at PHI Clinic are from the Juvederm Vycross range by Allergan, proven effective and elegant, with a longevity of between 18 and 24 months. These fillers are made using hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring cushioning agent found in your skin, meaning they are safe to use as they are flushed out of the body in the same process as your own hyaluronic acid.

During the treatment, small amounts of the Juvederm product are injected into selected areas to volumise and enhance the appearance of the lips. All of the products used contain Lidocaine, an anaesthetic that numbs as it is injected. As well as plumping the lips, it can also reduce smoker’s lines (not necessarily caused by smoking, but also by pursing the lips, using straws, or biting nails, etc. repeatedly) and balance the natural contours of the face.

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