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Finding A Good Botox® Practitioner

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Since Botox has been used to treat cosmetic indications, there have been horror stories in the media about botch jobs and bad results. This is the complete guide to finding a good Botox practitioner to ensure safe and effective results. Before undergoing any cosmetic treatment, we recommend researching the procedure itself to understand what the treatment will entail. While this should always be explained to you in a thorough consultation, it can often be helpful to know what you should expect.

Finding A Good Botox Practitioner : Consultation - skin consultation harley street london 690x960

Finding A Good Botox Practitioner : Consultation

While wrinkle relaxing injections are available from beauticians in ‘medispas’ and even some hair salons, there is a consensus within the medical community that this should not be the case. Botox is a prescription-only medicine that should only ever be administered by a qualified prescriber, like a doctor, dentist, or surgeon. Nurses are legally allowed to perform Botox but they must either be a nurse prescriber or work with a prescriber. If you have a consultation with a non-prescribing nurse, they should always be accompanied by a prescriber.

Talking to a prescriber on the phone or on a video call does not constitute an adequate consultation. Be aware that if you do not meet your prescriber in person in your Botox consultation and you are then prescribed Botox, then the clinic is acting illegally. We always recommend visiting a doctor-led clinic.

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Finding A Good Botox Practitioner : Reviews and Credentials

You can use websites like realself to find practitioners near you, or talk to friends and family who have had Botox® for word of mouth recommendations. Instagram has also become a great way to view clinics and practitioners, showcasing before and afters as well as more information about the treatments they provide. When you find a Botox practitioner you would like to see, you can check their credentials on the GMC or NMC, and find clinic reviews on TrustPilot.

Finding A Good Botox Practitioner : Same Day Treatment - Juvederm Range Wrinkle harley street london 690x960

Finding A Good Botox Practitioner : Same Day Treatment

Some clinics offer same day treatment for injectables like botox and dermal fillers. While this is allowed, it is not recommended. At PHI, we always require a minimum of 24 hours between consultation and treatment, in order to ensure that you have time to think about the information given to you by your clinician within your initial consultation. Following treatment, you should be offered a follow up consultation with your clinician after 2-4 weeks, to discuss your results.

A good Botox practitioner’s prices

Finally, you should be aware that low prices can be a red flag. The adage ‘if it seems too good to be true, it usually is’ covers this more than appropriately. Remember, the total amount you pay covers factors like the product and consumables used, the experience of the injector, and the setting within which you are being treated – low fees reflect this.

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PHI Clinic, 102 Harley Street

To find out more information, you can speak to one of our friendly team, who will be happy to help. You can call us on 0207 034 5999, or email info@phiclinic.com.

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