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Why Am I Getting Mask Acne?

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After spending several months in lockdown, we are slowly adjusting to a new way of living as face coverings have become the new norm. However, this may cause irritation to the skin creating “maskne”.

As a result, this is causing a spot of bother for some, as covering the skin for a long period of time has caused breakouts to the lower face. These types of breakouts are easily identifiable as opposed to regular acne, as irritation occurs within areas of the face protected by a mask, such as the chin, cheeks, and nose area.

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What Causes Mask Acne?

Whilst a cloth face covering will cause nowhere near the same discomfort as what frontline workers experience, for some, having to wear a mask can cause breakouts and activate pre-existing skin conditions.

The clue is in the name of face coverings, as mask acne is triggered as a result from the face being covered; blocking pores with sweat, makeup and bacteria that sits under the mask on the skin.

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Is The Type Of Mask I Wear Important?

Let’s be honest, those blue disposable masks don’t seem to go with any outfit. However, whilst you’re struggling to style your mask, disposable masks do have their perks, by encouraging you to change your mask frequently, preventing bacteria from settling onto the skin.

The type of mask you wear is vital for your skin, it is recommended that a tightly woven cotton instead of a synthetic fabric can be more breathable and softer on the skin. A poor quality mask may be sharp or abrasive, which can irritate the skin in the form of rashes or flare ups.

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Not All Fabrics Are The Same

When you’ve invested in the best skin care products, why should you let paper or cotton masks irritate and blemish your face? Comfort and style are just as important as ensuring you stay covered. Unlike cotton, silk is a cool and breathable fabric as its fibres are temperature regulating. This allows hot air to radiate away to keep the mask dry and cool throughout the day.

Companies like Face silk are an environmentally sustainable solution to coverings, unlike paper masks littering the streets, and providing a touch of luxury to the face. Plus, silk not only looks better, but is also the perfect solution for anyone experiencing dry or sensitive skin as it doesn’t absorb moisture from your skin.

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Key Tips To Prevent Mask Acne

Whilst we are not suggesting that you sing Happy Birthday whilst washing your face, it’s vital that the same treatment is applied to your mask. To avoid blemishes and irritation, it is important to wash reusable masks frequently, to remove any bacteria and dirt that can be absorbed onto the skin.
As well as regularly washing your face, it is important to keep your skin hydrated by either increasing your water intake or moisturising the skin frequently, to avoid rashes or dryness.

Here at PHI Clinic, we have a variety of treatments aimed to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, so to book your consultation and discuss your options, get in touch or follow us on social media to browse some of our incredible past patient journeys.

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