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Harley Street Lip Enhancement

Harley Street Lip Enhancement london

Harley Street will always carry a connotation of luxury in the public forum, but with advances in technology and development of products, cosmetic treatments are increasingly available to the masses, no longer being exclusive to the rich and famous. Harley Street lip enhancement is one such treatment, much more accessible now than a few years ago, with results becoming even more effective as clinicians collectively improve their skills.

Our focus at PHI Clinic is on maintaining a natural appearance with subtle, elegant results when using dermal filler, especially within the lips, where dramatic changes can be particularly noticeable.

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Harley Street Lip Enhancement Treatment

Dermal fillers can be used by skilled professionals for a range of effects within the lip, like redefining the vermillion border for those who may have lost that definition around the edges of the mouth through the natural ageing process.

Lip asymmetry can also be addressed, as well as thin lips, with the specific, targeted introduction of dermal filler into the area via injection to volumise. The Cupid’s bow can often be overlooked, but that is increasingly appearing as an area of concern for patients across the world, who are looking for increased definition. Our medical director teaches methods of enhancing the Cupid’s bow to other professionals, and is a leading expert in the injectables field.

Harley Street lip enhancement at PHI Clinic exclusively employs Juvederm products for elegant outcomes, with a product in this range specially formulated for use in the lips. This hyaluronic acid (HA) based formula works within the lips to attract and retain water for a prolonged plumping effect, and boosts collagen synthesis even after the volume has worn off. These will last for around 6-9 months after an initial treatment, but we generally see more lasting results for returning patients.

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doctor-led treatment

Harley Street lip enhancement procedures, at PHI Clinic, are a doctor-led treatment, exclusively performed by our medical director, Dr Tapan, and his hand-selected team of highly trained injectable doctors, including Dr Apul Parikh, Dr Nestor Demosthenous, and Dr Johanna Ward. Consultation is required prior to any treatment, and for injectable procedures starts from £125 for new patients.

For more information, or to book a consultation, you can contact us here or directly in clinic on 0207 034 5999.

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