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“I Hate My Face On Zoom Calls!”

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Whilst the nation is battling with their internet connection as a tool to replace social interaction, the next battle concerns how people are then perceiving themselves across these networking sites.

This time last year, no one had heard of Zoom but over recent months, Zoom has been the go to for the Friday night quizzes and company calls as a filter free platform for social interaction. Now more than ever we are having to look at our own face on Zoom more than usual, and with that comes critiques as we question, “Is that really what I look like?”

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How Can I Make My Face Look Better On Zoom?

When lockdown sent the nation home to work, it became business on the top and casual on the bottom, as Zoom calls became the new way to interact.

However, whilst there is an option to remove your face from calls, more companies are urging employees to show their faces, as the excuse of “my camera’s not working” can only get you so far, so how can you be camera ready?

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Lights, Camera, Action Lights

Similar to harsh artificial lighting in the office, our household lighting may not be any better. Lighting typically comes from above which creates shadowing to the face, which may create the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as making the skin appear dull and tired.

Whilst we’re not recommending you go and buy a ring light, you can simply use natural lighting or by using the torch on your camera phone, which can be adjusted to illuminate the face.

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Angles, angles, angles!

The trick is to simply assess your camera angles. For most people, we typically place our laptop on a desk or table and when looking at the screen, our face tilts downwards creating the appearance jowls along the lower jawline or even a double chin that you never knew you had.

By placing the camera at a higher point, this encourages you to tilt the face up, which tightens the jawline and lifts the cheeks.

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At PHI Clinic London, we are a multi-award winning clinic that stands by satisfaction, by restoring confidence for our patients by enhancing their natural beauty.

From treatments that aim to rejuvenate the skin, to seeking treatment for sagging skin, we have a range of non-surgical treatments with a tailored treatment plan to address those concerns.

“From my first visit, and every visit I have had with Dr Tapan, he has always reviewed how I feel about myself, how I feel about his work and whether there’s anything he can do to improve upon that, and he always listens. I believe the greatest testament to his work is that nobody thinks I’ve had work done – only that I look very well, healthy, rested and never seem to get any older!” – Elizabeth

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PHI Clinic London

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