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A Lasting Solution To Underarm Sweat

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Underarm sweat is a common condition that affects many of us especially during the summer, when high temperatures trigger the body’s natural instinct to cool itself down by sweating. However for some, sweating may not simply put a dampener on their day but excessive sweating maybe an all year round condition which can be deemed embarrassing and create self-conscious concerns for some.




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The Effects Of Underarm Sweat

Many of us experience excessive sweating at some point in our lives, usually due to the environment that we are in, or sometimes due to nerves or anxiety. Excessive sweating occurs mostly around the underarm area, which can temporarily be solved by carrying a strong anti-perspirant at all times.

If you are prone to underarm sweat patches then it is also advisable to carry spare shirts. Some people choose to wear dark clothing to hide sweat patches, but dark clothing tends to attract more heat. This can have an adverse effect and result in the sweat patches becoming worse.

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Hyperhidrosis Treatment

miraDry is the most advanced, FDA approved solution to significantly reduce underarm sweat worldwide. The treatment works by delivering controlled electromagnetic energy to the patient’s underarm area, which eliminates the sweat glands.

For best results, the treatment is administered in two appointments that last roughly about an hour long and are spaced three months apart. Our highly skilled team at PHI Clinic are experts in hyperhidrosis treatment, and we are very pleased to offer miraDry as an option for our patients that suffer with excessive sweating.

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Treatment At PHI Clinic London

If you suffer with hyperhidrosis then we can help. At PHI Clinic, we have expert practitioners who are highly experienced in all non-invasive procedures to treat hyperhidrosis. Your clinician will discuss a tailored treatment plan taking all your concerns into consideration to plan the best course of action for you.

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