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What does arm, thigh and stomach liposuction cost together?

What does arm, thigh and stomach liposuction cost together?

 Liposuctionliposuction cost harley street londonLiposuction is the best treatment for those areas of fat that are difficult to shift through diet and exercise. However a healthy eating program and regular exercise should be continued to maintain the best results. If you are looking at targeting multiple areas within one treatment then the amount of fat removal should be considered in order to be able to effectively carry out the procedure.

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If you are wanting to target more than one area then the downtime would be more considerable than if you were to focus on one area at a time. Having said this it is quite common for this procedure to go ahead eradicating the fatty deposits in the problem areas. To go forth you would need to have a consultation to discuss what areas are problematic for you and to determine the amount of unwanted fat you have within these areas. Assuming the total amount of fat to be removed doesn’t exceed the recommended amount then a combination treatment can be quite beneficial. You will also need to disclose your medical history as factors such as high blood pressure can hinder combination treatments.

There are many procedures that can target specific areas and these can vary from invasive to non invasive. The cost and downtime will be determined by the procedures you choose and whether they are invasive or non invasive.

liposuction at phi clinicThe advantages of treating multiple areas in one hit is that you will only have one recovery period and one anesthetic. With most liposuction procedures you may feel bruising, swelling and general tenderness within the area of treatment. As with all procedures you will have a consultation and a treatment plan, these should be followed correctly thus making the recuperation period as short as possible.

The factors to consider if combining liposuction treatments is the time under anaesthesia. For some this can also be a bonus as it will be one anaesthetic, no procedure will overrun the safe time to be under but the more areas you want to hit and the more fat you have to remove the longer the treatment will take.

All procedures carried out at Phi are done after an in depth consultation. Each treatment is tailored to suit your individual needs and concerns. You will need to explain your expectations and what you hope to achieve. From this you will be advised what would best suit your needs and what outcomes you can hope to achieve.

The treatments here at Phi Clinic may alter over time. However all technologies mentioned within these posts were available at Phi Clinic at the time of publication. We pride ourselves on continuing to stay on top of all the latest technologies to be able to provide you with the best treatments available. Phi Clinic can not accept liability for the comments in these articles.

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