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Travelling to London for wrinkle treatment


For years, I used to ask myself “Are dermal fillers safe? Are any of these treatments nowadays safe?”

I was seeming to lose volume in my face and was often accused of looking tired. To me it just feels that in the last 3 years I seem to have aged 10.

I often visit London from my home in Hertfordshire to do a bit of shopping and have caught a glimpse of London’s rich and famous on occasion, which is quite exciting. I have also, however, seen some people looking a little strange which I have to say has put me off the idea of having Botox® and fillers.

My friend Sally has also had some of these treatments. We speak often and I had to highlight to her that I felt that she didn’t look her natural beautiful self; I was quite concerned. This pretty much secured in me that I would not be undergoing any treatments; I couldn’t bear my children repeating the words to me that I had to say to Sally.

travelling to london for wrinkle treatment

Two years on, recently Sally and I were having a lunch with friends at Cafe Class in Surrey and as she walked in my jaw dropped! Sally looked stunning. Her natural beauty restored only with a little extra; I couldn’t put my finger on it and neither could our group of friends. We proceeded to probe; ‘What are you doing? What’s changed? A new man? A new job?’ She just looked fulfilled.

Once Sally’s smile had subsided she proceeded to tell us about a new doctor that she had been visiting in London called Dr Tapan Patel; a true professional in the world of aesthetic medicine. She had had the 8 point lift (a series of subtle injections that naturally volumes, lifts and rejuvenate the face). Combined with her usual baby botox and some ultrasound treatments, she explained that she has never felt better.

We were sold and now as a group travel to London for wrinkle treatment every 3 months to see Dr Tapan and his team at PHI Clinic. It’s a bit of a journey and so we like to combine it with a few activities while we are there to make the most of it.

Below, I’ve listed some of the places we like to visit when travelling to London for wrinkle treatment:

Take a #BarrysMama class at Barry’s Camp in Central London with the girls

A beautiful fruit salad and natural juice at the Natural Kitchen on Marylebone High Street.

Pop in for treatment at PHI Clinic

Then to the most amazing secret in London for Lunch

Next up its John Lewis for a spot of shopping

All wrapped up by 5:30 and back home just in time for dinner. Its his turn tonight.

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