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Magna Carta: Our Pledge to You

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Upon the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, here is our pledge to our patients…which unlike King John and the rebels, we intend on keeping!

  • We promise to always consult based on indication, not a set treatment.

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We believe that a thorough consultation process should always be the experience of new patients and those who are changing their course of treatment. By assessing the indication or condition, we are selecting treatments which will benefit the patient most, not pushing fad treatments or condoning self-diagnoses.

  • We pledge to draw up treatment plans that are bespoke. Clinicians suggest treatments which will be the most beneficial for patients, based on their expert clinical knowledge and experience.

Here at PHI Clinic, we have the luxury of offering more than one treatment for any given indication. We are at the leading edge of innovation and we are proud to house just under 45 lasers and non-surgical devices, continuously extending our treatment options so that we provide the most advanced, pioneering procedures.

  • We promise to always refer to the most appropriate clinician.

Your consultation will NEVER be carried out by a sales representative or an untrained member of staff. Upon booking, we will place you with a clinician whom we believe best serves your concerns and indication. If upon consultation it is deemed more appropriate for you to see another member of clinical staff, we will always refer you on to ensure you get the best possible treatment.

  • We vow to do what’s best for the patient. Always.

Equally, if there is a procedure we know will work for you, or a specialist in a field we cannot treat, we will always refer you on to someone else. We will never hazard a guess or try and treat a condition which we do not specialise in, even if that means sending you to a different clinic.

  • We promise to treat every patient as an individual.

The benefit of going to a small, bespoke clinic, is the personable experience you receive. We wish to make all patients feel valued, remembered and appreciated, from the moment you pick up the phone, to the moment you finish your course of treatment.

  • We pledge to never treat if there is no need.

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Sometimes, patients will come to us desperate for more filler or botulinum toxin or begging us to remove fat. If you are not a suitable candidate, or you will not benefit from treatment, we will always be honest with you. As providers of medical and aesthetic treatments, we have a duty of care to guide patients and give them honest, professional advice.

The team at PHI.

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