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The No Knife Nose Job

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A bump on nose, or dorsal hump, can affect the self-confidence of the sufferer, as can nasal asymmetry. These problems can be solved in a number of ways, and even hidden very temporarily with the right contouring and photo angles, but there is some debate about the most effective solution; we propose the no knife nose job.

Rhinoplasty is always an option for the correction of these problems but we understand that, for some people, going under the knife can be too big a step to take initially. This surgery also has prolonged downtime, and can incur scarring and swelling for up to a year after the procedure, as well as needing special care that includes instructions like avoiding direct sunlight for 3 months. These side effects and downtime are expected, however, due to the permanent nature of this treatment.

Our Non Surgical Nose Job

No Knife Nose Job

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