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Does sweat dominate your life?

Everyone sweats sometimes, but if you suffer with a high level of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat), it can unfortunately dominate your life. You may have to choose clothes carefully, especially in warmer weather; you may have to constantly carry temporary solutions for your sweating. It can cause a lot of stress if you forget your anti-perspirant. You may even carry spare clothes with you at all times, which would seem extreme to somebody that doesn’t have the condition hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis in public

We sweat when we are hot, and some of us get hot very easily. We do not always sweat due to the environmental temperature, sometimes we perspire because we are nervous. Nerves and anxiety are undeniable factors within the hyperhidrosis condition as they tend to spark a vicious circle: we sweat because we are nervous – then we become nervous and worried because we are sweating. What can be even more nerve-wracking is being in an uncomfortable, public situation and realising that you are sweating excessively. Sweating in public can cause embarrassment and hinder confidence; because people can see sweat patches around your underarms, sometimes you worry that it may be assumed that you are dirty or unwashed, or at times you can become extremely self-conscious about your smelly armpits. There are temporary solutions to underarm sweating such as carrying anti-perspirants, wearing darker clothing or making sure you have a spare shirt available to you at all times. Unfortunately for those who suffer with hyperhidrosis on a more serious level, temporary solutions do not quite cut the mustard and in these cases we would recommend a longer-lasting treatment.


miraDry: tried and tested

miraDry is a CE Marked and FDA-cleared solution which has been tried and tested for its safety and efficacy. It is the only lasting, non-surgical solution for treating hyperhidrosis and works by delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to your underarm area, thus eliminating the sweat glands. The sweat glands don’t come back after treatment, which means miraDry significantly reduces your underarm sweat long-term, as well as removing odour. miraDry is new to the UK, but was introduced to US a few years ago and has a 93% satisfaction rate plus some great reviews on realself.com.


Why visit PHI Clinic for underarm sweating?

PHI Clinic provides the best solutions for excessive sweating; our team of specialist practitioners are highly experienced in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. After you have had a full assessment with us at your initial consultation, we will be able to determine which is the best treatment for you. We offer many forms of treatment for hyperhidrosis, including miraDry, botox injections and prescribed emollient creams.


Hyperhidrosis treatment on Harley Street

Located at 102, Harley Street, PHI Clinic offers the most advanced treatments available for hyperhidrosis. Boasting 4 floors of clinical magnificence, including a laser floor, non-surgical, patient support floor and 5-star training facility, PHI Clinic provides a quality treatment setting for all patients on Harley Street, right in the centre of the medical district.

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