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Non-Surgical Facelift London

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Why Non-Surgical Options Can Be Preferable

non surgical treatment londonGoing under the knife can be quite a daunting prospect, but with the advancement of non-surgical facelift London techniques, patients can now achieve their desired result without surgery.

Lax skin and drooping jowls can affect our appearance dramatically, as the fat pads, muscles and deeper structures within our faces begin to age. Noting that this is a key area of concern amongst our patients, we have invested in the latest devices to provide great results, giving our patients as much option and choice as possible.

Our Top Non-Surgical Facelift London Techniques:

–      Ultraformer: An FDA-cleared device, clinically proven to lift as well as tighten, Ultraformer uses ultrasound to affect the deeper levels of the skin. By triggering collagen production, which naturally diminishes within the body around thirty, Ultraformer works to plump, tighten, and smooth crepey and sagging skin.

–      Needle based Radiofrequency: A combination of radiofrequency and microneedles, the Infini tricks the body into producing collagen. Primarily targeting lines, wrinkles, scarring and loose skin, the Infini provides a great non-surgical option for patients.

–       8 Point Lift: Referred to as the ‘non-surgical facelift’ or ‘liquid facelift’, the 8 Point Lift utilises advanced dermal fillers to elevate and add structure to the face. Dr Tapan Patel injects into key, formulated areas which work with the existing ratios of the face, meaning you will still look like you, but your features will be enhanced in a natural-looking way.

Non-surgical facelift London


PHI Clinic is located at 102 Harley Street, London. We are a bespoke, independent clinic offering non-surgical treatments. Our clinical team are made up of some of the most highly-skilled practitioners in Great Britain, and through our wide offering of treatments, we are able to treat an extensive variety of indications and concerns.

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