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PHI Clinic, AKA Mystery Inc.

The Ghouls of the Industry


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I am among the first to admit that before working at PHI Clinic, I found the cosmetic industry a little scary. The prospect of people walking out of clinics with their bum fat in their faces; the horror stories in tabloid newspapers listing all the dodgy filler work that celebrities have had; the scandal of the PIP breast implants that affected 300,000+ women worldwide – it’s the stuff of nightmares!

The Unmasked


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Something that I found out quite soon after starting at PHI, was that for the most part cosmetic treatments are unregulated in the UK. Essentially, this means that anyone (your mechanic, your bus driver – yes, even your local busker) can perform treatments on the public.

It is easy to assume that everyone administering treatments are cowboys, taking that piece of information into account. However, let me tell you about an experience I had:

A few years ago, there were several student protests that took place in London. I, myself, was a student at this time and I remember the indignant feeling I had when reading my peers’ and journalists’ opinions on the entire student body. We were deemed ‘violent’, ‘anti-social’ and there was an idea brewing that these young adults were over-privileged and under-worked.

Now, I did not attend a single one of these protests, neither did my close friends, so clearly not all students came under this umbrella definition.

You’re probably wondering how this example is applicable to the cosmetic industry, but this event taught me that pigeon-holing and sweeping statements are destructive and further stoke the fire of hatred.

Ghost Busters


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Some practitioners are good guys. They are what Batman is to the Joker; what Spiderman is to Doctor Octopus; what Hit Girl is to Red Mist; what – oh, you get it!

Instead of allowing just anybody to treat patients, Dr Tapan Patel has hand-selected clinical staff who uphold PHI’s core value of providing safe, effective, ethical treatment.

In terms of injectable treatments (i.e. your botulinum toxin and dermal fillers), Dr Tapan Patel and his team are some of the most highly-esteemed doctors in the industry. With lots of experience between them, working in clinics nationwide, and an extensive background in teaching delegates worldwide on how to inject properly, they are the crème de la crème of aesthetics.

PHI Clinic, owned by Dr Tapan Patel, is a beautiful, state-of-the-art clinic located at 102 Harley Street. It exudes luxuriousness and beauty, while retaining that clean, clinical feel.

To top it all off, PHI Clinic boasts the widest range of treatments in Europe, housing a huge selection of the most advanced lasers and devices. The benefits this has for our patients is boundless, as more indications and conditions can be addressed at PHI than ever before and elsewhere.

Mystery Gang


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To find a good practitioner, one must always do their research. See past the marketing strategies, visit clinics before booking in, talk to a range of clinicians. We implore the public to form educated decisions, and always commend those who do their homework. Ultimately, we’re talking about your body and your face – it’s the only one you have.

Think of PHI as the Mystery Inc. of aesthetics, in a world full of bad guys and villains. We are proud to be those meddling kids who stop people getting away with it. No apologies. No compromise.

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