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Philosophy of Bespoke Skincare

philosophy bespoke skincare

We have all entered chemists and beauty aisles on a quest to stock up on products to help improve our skin. Whether you end up going for pretty packaging, scientific spiel or simply what seems most cost-effective, the majority of us will simply settle for less-than-helpful skincare products, that are just not effective.

PHI Clinic, London, offers patients so much more from their skincare. You see, rather than selling you a generic product that is designed for oily/dry/sensitive/combination skin, we get down to business and aim to target your bugbears. We help you improve the overall health, look and feel of your skin, while addressing skin conditions and complications, through bespoke skincare.


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What is Bespoke Skincare?

Think of it this way; for prom your guy-date may have rented his suit. The suit was okay, was adequate for the occasion, but was a little itchy, it was made from synthetic material and did not have the best fit. Now, compare that with a tailored suit; it fits his every outline perfectly, feels exquisite to the touch and was made for him only. You see the difference?

Bespoke skincare from UniverSkin is a revolutionary product that is tailored to your individual requirements, and is made up fresh, right before your very eyes. The combination of active ingredients in your serum is unique to you and suits your skin type, indications and conditions, and your lifestyle. So whether you have rosacea, acne scars, dehydration or sun damage; UniverSkin can aid your skin back to health.

The beauty of these serums, is that you only need to apply one – no more medicine cabinets cluttered with lotions and potions, and no more over-promising yourself that you are going to stick to a regimented skincare programme. If you would prefer to apply your serum first thing in the morning, we can sort that. If you would prefer to make it a night-time ritual, that works too.

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Personalised Skincare Consultation

At PHI Clinic, we not only have the widest selection of treatments in the UK, we also boast some of the most talented and highly-trained aestheticians in the country. We believe in delivering personalised consultations, as well as tailored skincare and treatment plans, so you will receive a one-on-one skin analysis, with the option of VISIA skin assessment. From there, your assigned aesthetician will discuss the most suitable skincare for your skin, and also discuss treatments available, should you wish.

Treatment plans are yours to take away and to consider, and we can commence at any time. For the best results, it is important that you maintain regular skincare treatment, and we advise a review every 6 weeks to discuss and monitor your progress. We require in-house photography, which is used only for clinical purposes, so you can also track your skin’s improvement.

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How do I Book?

Our dedicated team, located within PHI Clinic, can assist you if you have any further questions or would like to discuss availability for a consultation. Our contact number is 0207 034 5999, or you can leave your details for a call back at info@phiclinic.com.

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