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Are Reality Shows Fueling The Rise In Cosmetic Procedures?

It’s quite difficult to pin the growth in any industry to a specific television show or style of show, as it is, like many other things, a nuanced issue. However, it would be wrong to assume that the huge media attention that non-surgical cosmetic procedures have had over the last five to ten years hasn’t in some way influenced the volume of cosmetic treatments that are being had.

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Looking over the last ten years

Over the last ten years, we have seen a dramatic increase in cosmetic procedures, as they have become more accessible, with a huge growth of cosmetic clinics popping up all over the UK; some good, some bad. This, in turn, leads to its own potential problems with the efficacy or safety of treatments.

Unfortunately this has come part and parcel with negative impacts on the cosmetic industry as it is very easy to spot what we would call bad work, and this is preyed upon by media outlets who like to speculate on cosmetic interventions and publicise ‘botch jobs’.

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Botox treatments

Non-surgical procedures such as Botox or dermal fillers have become much more common being in the public eye, via almost every aspect of media, like television, newspapers, magazines, and celebrities admitting to having undergone procedures.

When we look at reality shows like Made In Chelsea or The Only Way Is Essex, we can see specific individuals who have tremendous social media following and are undergoing treatments in the public eye. In turn, we have seen a rise in the younger population looking to come and investigate non-surgical intervention, which is not surprising.

At PHI Clinic, we only treat patients above the age of 18, and have turned patients away that we do not feel would be suitable for a cosmetic treatment for a number of reasons.

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Things to consider

Whilst we don’t necessarily deem the rise in people wanting to have cosmetic treatments a bad thing, it is still very important to understand the reasons behind patients wishing to seek treatments. Our doctors are all professionally trained doctors first and cosmetic injectors second, and as such we put patient safety at the forefront of every treatment we provide.

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