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Rosacea Treatment At PHI Clinic

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Rosacea is a skin inflammation that mainly affects the facial area. This non-contagious condition prompts surface capillaries to expand, which creates a red flush that may be accompanied by lumps and small pustules. The most severe cases of this condition can even affect the nose by enlarging it, referred to as Rhinophyma.

PHI Clinic believes in offering its patients a wide selection of effective treatments for this problem so that they can tailor the best therapy around their patients’ needs. We provide three device-based rosacea treatment solutions for alleviating affected areas; Excel V+, M22, and VBeam.

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Excel V+ Rosacea Treatment

At the clinic, we provide the latest generation laser technology – the Excel V+. This laser treatment, widely recognised by dermatologists, has been designed to treat vascular issues so is an ideal solution for rosacea. The power behind this technology delivers precision and performance to target redness concerns effectively. Excel V+ uses a high-powered green laser to heal abnormalities in blood vessels and pigmentation, which encourages the skin to restore to a more natural tone and colour over time. This latest therapy delivers faster treatment times with fewer sessions are needed, minimal pain, and better results, making it an optimal long-lasting solution for rosacea.

How does Excel V+ work?

Our Excel V+ rosacea treatment produces wavelengths that are absorbed by the part of the skin’s molecules which are responsible for its colour, the chromophore. Red and brown chromophores in the skin are directly targeted with the laser. During treatment, the laser is applied in 0.5mm and 1mm increments to precisely match the size of the area being targeted so there is no unnecessary tissue damage. Excel V+ stimulates the regrowth of collagen by gently warming the upper dermis well beneath your skin’s surface. Any dilated capillaries receive further heat to decrease redness.

Excel V+ produces regular, tailored contact cooling before, during and after each pulse. This non-surgical treatment is delivered in our clinic’s comfortable environment without the need for topical anaesthetics.

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M22 Rosacea Treatment

The M22 is an aesthetic treatment that combines three different handpieces; an intense pulsed light (IPL), a multi-spot ND Yag and a fractional resurfacing mode (ResurFX) allowing PHI Clinic to offer a wide range of procedures for our patients. This powerful treatment, perfect as a solution to rosacea, can be tailored for a bespoke approach according to the patients’ needs using the handpieces. The multi-functional device can be used on both the face and body to deliver effective results for rosacea.

How does M22 work?

The process involves using three separate exposures of the inflamed skin to IPL. The aim is to balance out the transmission of Intense Pulsed Light Energy by off-setting each exposure to the one before. The skin will undergo varying levels of pulsed energy which will suit the target vessels of differing diameter and depth. The M22 targets the underlying cause of the redness for a reduction in the appearance of rosacea.

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V Beam Rosacea Treatment

The V Beam uses pulsed dye laser technology and is another effective treatment for rosacea. It is non-invasive, can be performed in a matter of minutes and does not require any anaesthetic, making it a convenient approach to skin concerns.

How does V Beam work?

VBeam delivers long pulses of energy to the top layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. The laser treatment helps to thicken the blood and clean the veins in order to reduce the flushed look that rosacea brings on. VBeam also removes unhealthy and dead skin cells to give a rejuvenated look to skin on the face, neck, and arms.

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Treatment at PHI Clinic

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