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Smile Lines And Crow’s Feet Treatment

Smile Lines Crow's Feet Treatment

Crow’s feet are the punchline to so many jokes in the media, on TV shows and in films, with many people growing up with the resounding sense that they are a negative entity. These lines next to the eyes are also called smile lines, as they are most visible during a grinning expression.

Avoiding Smile Lines - best lip filler treatment london

Avoiding Smile Lines

There are several factors that will affect the way your skin acts as you age, particularly this delicate area around the eye.


It is common knowledge that smoking causes damage, but as well as the obvious issues, it is less well known that it reduces bloodflow to the surface of skin, restricting the amount of oxygen and vital nutrients that reach it. As well as this, nicotine changes the way your body synthesises collagen, a necessary protein for skin strength. This adds up to create skin that ages faster and is more sensitive to changes.


A glass of wine every now and then won’t ruin your skin, but drinking heavily and often can cause loss of elasticity in the skin, creating and worsening wrinkling.

Sun Exposure

Spending lots of time in the sun without adequate protection causes faster collagen and elastin breakdown in the skin, so it’s important to use sun cream that offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays. This is just as vital in the winter months as it is in summer, so a moisturiser with broad spectrum cover is a must-have all year round.


Too much sugar in your diet can make collagen brittle, making already delicate skin even more so.

How To Improve Smile Lines - botox london crows feet treatment

How To Improve Smile Lines

These are generic guidelines for improving the appearance of smile lines, not a rigid set of rules, and we would always advise that you have a consultation with a highly qualified practitioner to determine the best course of treatment for your individual needs.

When lines are dynamic, or only visible during expression, we would recommend the application of botulinum toxin, or Botox, to paralyse targeted muscles and smooth the skin above for fewer wrinkles.
When these dynamic lines become deeper and more ingrained, they will be visible constantly, rather than just during expression.

These are called static lines, and can’t be reduced with Botox, but may require a dermal filler treatment. Using hyaluronic acid filler (a natural compound that attracts water), an experienced clinician can introduce a small amount of product into the area using a needle to smooth over these smile lines.

Experienced Professionals - botox and fillers crows feet

Experienced Professionals

Every single doctor who practices within PHI Clinic is highly trained to the standard of our medical director, Dr Tapan. Taking part in regular training days, and teaching other delegates together, the team work together to ensure treatment outcomes are similarly positive across the board. Botox and dermal fillers are both doctor-led treatments, and require a prior consultation before any procedure takes place.

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