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Ultrasound Technology For Sagging Skin

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Why do we need Ultrasound technology?

Old Faces

As we age, our faces are usually the first of our features to bear the signs. We lose our tautness and fullness, deep lines and wrinkles appear, and the skin loses its elasticity and youthful glow.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of treatments available now to prevent and reverse the signs of ageing and to help restore the skin’s youthful vitality, many of which are non-surgical.

Beauty Before Age

One of these great non-surgical treatments is a non-surgical facelift device called Ultraformer. As the name suggests, it uses non-invasive ultrasound technology to tighten and plump up the skin on the face, neck and chest areas. It works by stimulating collagen production and triggering the body’s natural healing processes for a lasting improvement in skin quality. Collagen production can continue for as long as a year after treatment, so patients can reap the rewards long after their initial session.

The Ultrasound technology device Ultraformer is the only instrument that is patented to lift the skin, and is often referred to as the ‘non-surgical facelift’. This means that patients who wish to get great results, but are not ready for or do not wish to go under the knife, can still achieve a fantastic outcome, without the lengthy downtime traditionally associated with surgical facelift treatments. The ideal candidate for Ultraformer is someone who has noticed that their skin may seem less firm, or more ‘relaxed’ or saggy than it was before.

Find Out More About Ultrasound Technology

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