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Sweating Treatment In London

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In the busy world we now live in, permanent sweating treatment has saved the day for many, whether that’s avoiding awkward sweaty situations or preventing stains from ruining your favourite shirt. Still to this day, sweating remains a taboo topic with people seeking sweating treatments for both excessive sweating or to reduce normal daily sweating as an alternative to antiperspirants.

Sweating is a natural mechanism caused by your nervous system, which automatically triggers your sweat glands to regulate your temperature. Most people suffer from normal daily sweating which may be triggered by exercising, anxiety, or stress. While miraDry can be used to address concerns like hyperhidrosis, it is also suitable for those who wish to reduce normal sweating.

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Does miraDry work for everyone?

miraDry sweat solution uses thermal energy to target and eliminate sweat glands under the arm, resulting in an immediate 80% reduction in sweating. As a permanent sweating treatment, once glands are eliminated, they denature and do not grow back, saying goodbye to sweating.

Whilst miraDry is a popular sweating treatment for sufferers of hyperhidrosis, it also provides an effective lifestyle treatment for those seeking a convenient alternative to antiperspirants. Though one session is usually sufficient to see results with miraDry, at PHI Clinic patients are encouraged to return to review their results 3 months after treatment. At this point, your clinician may recommend a second treatment if necessary.

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Does miraDry hurt?

At the beginning of your appointment, local anaesthesia is used for maximum comfort by numbing the underarm before placing a temporary tattoo onto the skin to mark the area in preparation for treatment. During treatment, your clinician will direct the applicator using the tattoo guide to remove the sweat glands.

Patented miraWave technology targets glands but does not affect surrounding tissue in order to reduce sweating. As a non-surgical treatment, little downtime is required, with some patients experiencing slight discomfort through bruising or swelling though this will gradually disappear.

All necessary aftercare will be thoroughly explained by your treating clinician during the consultation as well as post-treatment.

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Sweating treatment at PHI Clinic

To learn more about an effective sweating treatment in London, book your no-obligation consultation with one of our highly skilled clinicians today to discuss suitability by calling us on 02070345999 or by emailing us at info@phiclinic.com.

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