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How To Tighten Neck Skin Without Surgery


If you’re looking to know how to tighten neck skin without surgery, it will not take long before you stumble across a treatment that promises the world. Okay; easy part over. Next up – the hard part; distinguishing between the devices, brands or technologies that are best suited for you. Cue puzzled expression.

Treatment Options to tighten neck skin without surgery

There are an abundance of wavelengths; there are even more technologies; there are also a substantial number of news articles dating back to the early naughties highlighting different products and the brand names all sound like 90’s music groups: Thermage, ICON, Ultherapy. It can be really confusing to even know where to start, so I’m going to simplify this right now.

If you are looking to tighten neck skin without surgery, you first have to look at the extent of the sagging. This makes sense; it’s not a “one size fits all” kind of treatment, and the extent of your sagging skin will determine the right treatment for you.

Different levels of tightening

Let’s look at who needs to tighten neck skin and what different levels of tightening are required. Typically, we may begin to experience sagging around the neck and the jowls in our mid 40s and 50s. This said, we may be concerned about the sagging of the neck and jowls in our 30s; it’s perfectly natural and we know that our patients are very organised people, therefore it is common for them to be looking at treatments as a preventative measure.

But let’s lean towards the 40s, 50s and 60s; unfortunately, now you will be beginning to see the signs of sagging around the neck and around jowls. But we are looking specifically at the neck – so what is on the menu?

I’m going to start with technology. At PHI Clinic, we like to use High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound & Radio-Frequency. What do we need to do to tighten the neck? Well, we need to look at the whole area, so if we are seeing light sagging around the skin we can tighten that by stimulating collagen; in order to do that most effectively, we need to penetrate deep into the skin to ensure the energy transmitted provides the best results.

We have already established that the extent of sagging is visible, so we are certainly working in a corrective mindset, and the application of the treatment needs to be more substantial than that of somebody who is not yet experience sagging. In a case like this, we would most likely opt for a needle based radio frequency.

Needle based radio frequency

The hand piece contains a select group of very small needles that cause synchronised penetration under the surface of the skin. They do this safely whilst administering radio-frequency energy which is clinically proven to tighten the skin.

Another aspect of the neck that we need to consider is the muscles and the deeper layers of the skin; we need to stimulate these areas so that we can strengthen them, giving further support at a deeper level.

The surface

By losing volume in areas that results in sagging, we are losing structure on the outer surface of our skin as well. This can be treated by light applications of dermal filler. If provided and performed by highly qualified practitioner who experienced in these techniques, we can often showcase results of a much more defined jawline leading into the neck, which provides a patient with that lovely, streamlined, elegant look that they once had.

Below is an example of a patient who has been treated at PHI clinic around the neck area for sagging. By combining these technologies, you can see that we have been able to reduce the appearance of the sagging around the neck, thus creating a more rejuvenated appearance for the patient. Please note: no surgical incisions were made during the treatment for this patient.


For some of us, we are not as fortunate as this lady and may show signs of significant sagging around the neck area, plus skin laxity caused by sun damage and the natural signs of ageing.

Before and after images are so important; we have some great Ultherapy before and after photographs on this site. However, if you would like to see more when you attend the clinic, please do ask as we may be able to provide more examples.

For more information or to discuss neck tightening treatment without the use of surgery, please don’t hesitate to contact us at PHI clinic or to speak with your practitioner at your next visit.

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