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Treat Loose Skin At PHI Clinic

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We have many different options to treat loose skin here at PHI Clinic, each suited to different needs. Over time, we all experience loose skin, as the natural ageing process causes proteins that keep skin taut to synthesise at a reduced rate and break down. This intrinsic ageing can be worsened by external, or extrinsic, factors related to lifestyle choices like smoking, excessive UV exposure, drinking, and dietary influences.

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Lifestyle factors

We always believe that concerns can and should be addressed preventatively where possible, so we suggest avoiding these factors that can influence the way skin ages. Smoking has direct implications for skin elasticity all over the body, and delivers a particular double-negative effect on the lower face, as nicotine and other chemicals destroy collagen and elastin, while the puckering of the mouth during smoking causes vertical lip lines, commonly known as ‘smoker’s lines.’

Overexposure to the sun’s rays, as well as causing obvious damage like sunburn and age spots, has a significant effect on skin integrity, as both UVA and UVB rays are implicated in photo-ageing. Lastly, modern diets are often high in processed and refined sugars, which can cause collagen to become brittle or weak, compromising skin strength – some scientists say that up to 90% of ageing is caused by the sun’s rays, even on cloudy days, making it imperative to wear broad spectrum sun cream all year round. These factors can all come together to cause or worsen loose skin on the face and body over time.

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Treat loose skin

For skin tightening procedures, we house many different devices that are suited to different needs, and would always require a consultation prior to any procedure going ahead in order to determine the best course of action in addressing laxity.

Our devices include:

Tixel – for crow’s feet – the Tixel is best used for treating small areas of loose skin on the face, by directing thermal energy into an area to encourage healthy collagen remodelling through a controlled wound.

Dermal fillers – jowls, fine lines, and wrinkles – dermal fillers are used to replace lost volume in the face, which reduces the appearance of these concerns, with results lasting for up to 24 months.

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Lasting tightening results

Ultraformer – all over the body- the Ultraformer also uses ultrasound technology to address laxity through controlled, focussed energy delivered to the dermis. Treatment can be customised to effect different depths of skin for lasting lifting and tightening results.

Infini – all over the body – the Infini makes use of radiofrequency and micro needling in a mildly ablative treatment to target the deep dermis, which provides an improvement in the appearance of skin, as well as having a tightening effect.

ThermiVa – for vaginal laxity – intimate areas are also subject to changes, which can have both aesthetic and functional concerns for sufferers. ThermiVa uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue for remodelling of both the external and internal areas.


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find out more

To find out more about the procedures we offer to treat loose skin, you can book a consultation by calling us on 0207 034 5999.

Within this consultation, your assigned clinician can answer any questions you may have and create a bespoke treatment plan to suit your needs.

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