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Introduction To Coolsculpting at our London Clinic

CoolSculpting® by Allergan uses revolutionary cooling technology to reduce subcutaneous fat. Stubborn fat deposits are common, and can be hard to shift with exercise and a healthy diet alone. Many people suffer with this issue due to the natural distribution of fat cells, and can have fat pockets across the body. Some areas will have more fat cells than others, making it more difficult to shift unwanted fat in these places.

It is understandable that many would rather not undergo surgery for pockets of fat. It can be uncomfortable, and it’s also rather extreme for those who simply wish to target a small area. Equally, we understand that many would rather avoid excessive amounts of downtime. In order to give our patients a viable non-surgical alternative to procedures like liposuction, we have explored options like fat freezing.

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Before and after CoolSculpting® treatment

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Cryolipolysis Treatment

During treatment, an applicator is applied to the target area. There are 3 main applicators that we use at PHI in order to target areas like the abdomen, love handles, upper arms (bingo wings), thighs, banana rolls, chin, knees, and back fat. The applicator is attached to the area of concern and cools the tissue beneath the skin for around 35 minutes. Although we apply the pack directly onto the skin, the surface is unaffected by treatment, remaining safe and intact. The Freeze Detect® setting on the device allows our clinicians to monitor the exact temperature of the applicator. This ensures safe delivery of the treatment, and makes sure temperatures never drop or exceed the correct settings.

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Technical Information

CoolSculpting® treatment is FDA-cleared for fat reduction, using cryolipolysis technology. Cryolipolysis is the process of applying controlled cooling to unwanted fatty deposits beneath the skin, providing safe and effective body sculpting and fat reduction. This is a fantastic liposuction alternative that enables us to freeze fat in short sessions with no damage to surrounding tissue. Following treatment, dead cells are flushed out by the body’s natural processes.

Conditions treated with CoolSculpting®

Frequently Asked Questions

Fat cells have a higher freezing temperature than other cells in your body, so when the cooling applicator is applied, it exclusively targets fat deposits. When these cells are frozen, this causes apoptosis, or cell death. The dead fat cells are then flushed out of the body via natural processes, leading to a lower concentration of fat in the targeted area.

Clinical studies have shown that people who were treated with CoolSculpting® fat freezing experienced up to 25% reduction in fat cells in the target area after 6 months. Results can take approximately 1-3 months to be apparent.

Each individual is different, and the amount of fat freezing cycles you need depends not only on the surface area treated, but also the amount of fat within the area and the desired result. During a thorough consultation with one of our aestheticians, your suitability for treatment will be assessed, and you will receive a personal treatment plan outlining the number of cycles recommended for a visible result, and the exact pricing associated with the treatment. Course options will be discussed upon consultation.

This treatment is ideal for those who carry small pockets of stubborn fat, that would be looking for an effective alternative to liposuction. It is not a substitute for healthy diet and exercise, nor is it suitable for those who are obese or who have dense pockets of fat. It is a non-surgical fat reduction option, as opposed to liposuction or minimally-invasive fat dissolving treatments, and is not suitable for those looking for weight loss.

The ideal patient is someone who has stubborn pockets of fat that they are finding difficult to shift. Treatment is suitable for any gender.

Your initial consultation will be carried out by one of our expert aestheticians or nurses. Having undergone extensive training, and having already performed many procedures since we introduced the device at PHI Clinic, they are fully trained and highly skilled at delivering CoolSculpting ®.

During the consultation process, your clinician will outline your suitability for treatment, and will go through our various fat reduction options. They will consult you based on your individual requirements and concerns, and go through how many cycles you would ideally need for your desired result (this varies depending on factors like whether you are targeting smaller or larger areas, how much fat is present in the area, etc.).

Beyond consultation, our administrative staff can then assist with scheduling the treatment, which will be based on the number of cycles suggested by the clinician. A consultation is essential in order to provide those guidelines, as some areas take longer than others, and some patients require more intense treatment in that area than others. We offer a bespoke service based on this.

On the day of treatment, you will see the same practitioner who carried out your consultation, who will place on the applicators and position the device for optimum results. They will ensure you are comfortable and be on call if you need them, carrying around a pager device. The treatment room is equipped with a television set and music player to keep you entertained during the procedure. As we have a dual treatment system, treatment time is dramatically reduced.

Thanks to the variety of applicators we use with the device, we can now treat a larger number of areas than ever before. Larger areas like the stomach, thighs, and love handles can be treated with the large applicator, and we use the CoolSculpting® Mini and Petite applicators to more effectively address smaller areas of stubborn fat. The Petite applicator was designed specifically for the safer, more comfortable treatment of the upper arm as the third most troubling area of subcutaneous fat.

The Mini targets submental fat underneath the chin, with results noticeable with as few as two treatments, for a more contoured neck with the CoolSculpting ® advantage of minimal downtime.

During the procedure itself, you may experience a slight pulling sensation in the deeper structures. There may be some slight swelling, redness, bruising, skin sensitivity, or numbness in the treated area following the procedure, but this should subside relatively soon after treatment, and you can usually resume normal daily activities within a week. It is important to disclose all medical history prior to treatment.

Over 5 million procedures have been performed across the globe, and there and numerous studies and clinical papers to support treatment. The device is CE-marked and FDA-cleared for fat reduction across the body.

Relatively speaking, CoolSculpting ® is on the lower end of the scale in terms of pain, compared with other fat reduction treatments. It is non-invasive, meaning less downtime and pain than surgical fat reduction, and it leaves no scars post-treatment.
Patients have reported a slight tugging sensation as the applicator is first set on the area, but this subsides shortly after the cooling process starts and should not be painful.

In only approximately 50 reported cases out of 115,000 have patients reported severe pain. In all cases, these patients have stated that the pain has subsided over time.

The cells that are targeted during a CoolSculpting ® fat reduction procedure don’t return, but any remaining fat cells left behind can still expand. Therefore, for continued, long term results, you should follow a healthy diet and exercise regime. Some patients report that even if they do put on weight after CoolSculpting®, they maintain a sculpted look as the concentration of fat cells in the targeted area is lower.

The price for CoolSculpting® treatments start from: £650

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