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Infini Treatment

The Infini uses radiofrequency to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin while improving texture and tone.


Introduction to Infini

The Infini uses radiofrequency to improve the appearance of the skin, restoring volume and inducing skin tightening. As we age, our collagen levels deplete which causes the skin to sag as we lose elasticity. Radiofrequency stimulates collagen production at deep levels of the skin, which gives an overall tightening and lifting of the skin, as well as improving the skin’s appearance on the surface. 


This creates tissue volumisation to directly address wrinkles, sagging skin,  jowls, a sagging neck and changes in texture and tone of skin that happen through the natural ageing process.

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Infini: Effective skin tightening & precision treatment with minimal downtime

At our London clinic, we use Infini in two ways: firstly by the use of a microneedle hand-piece, which targets deeper levels of the dermis to achieve skin tightening. Then, the superficial fractional hand-piece is targeted at the epidermis and dermis to provide a mild ablation of the upper levels of the skin. 


The Infini is also approved for use on all skin types, making this treatment among the best for patients who may suffer pigmentation problems from other radio frequency or laser procedures, and without having to wait until sun exposure tan has faded. This device offers precise delivery of energy to the areas of concern that need it the most without the lengthy downtime usually associated with treatments of this nature. One session of Infini can be as short as 30 minutes, meaning you can get straight back to your daily routine with very little interruption and downtime.

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Conditions treated with Infini

Saggy Skin

Saggy skin can occur anywhere on the body, and is a source of contention for many people who suffer from it. Skin sags naturally over time due to muscles that support skin weakening as we age. This is known as an intrinsic (or natural) cause, as collagen and elastin production in the skin reduce, as well as this, genetics can play a role, as you may be predisposed to carry fat in certain areas.

Sagging Neck

Sagging neck skin can be a cause of concern for many people, increasing self-consciousness and reducing confidence. As a natural part of the ageing process, loose skin on the neck can be worsened by factors like genetics, weight change, UV exposure, and gravity.


Sagging skin along the lower jawline is commonly referred to as jowls, particularly skin that hangs or sinks below the jaw itself. Jowls can be caused by a variety of factors; natural ageing, genetics, sun damage, weight loss, and smoking being just a few.

Loose Skin

Loose skin can be a problem for anyone, and is a source of anguish for many; skin all over the body can sag and appear loose, depending on the cause of the issue.

Loose skin is natural part of ageing and includes the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Radiofrequency treatment

Loose or sagging skin can make even the most confident person self-conscious, whether caused simply by age or sudden weight loss. One way to treat this condition is using Radiofrequency energy (RF), which penetrates deep into the skin to affect the deeper epidermis and subcutaneous fat layers. This causes tightening of the skin and an improvement in the structure of underlying tissue, without damaging or changing the texture of skin.

This radiofrequency treatment can be applied to any skin type by our experienced team of doctors. Dr Tapan Patel specifically has a special interest in treating patients of colour.

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Safe and effective treatment

Your safe is our priority at PHI Clinic. To ensure maximum standards of patient care, Infini are only ever carried out by our experienced, highly qualified practitioners. 


All our patients have a thorough consultation before having Infini treatment, and treatment is always carried out on a separate day. We believe it is essential for patients to be able to think before deciding whether to go ahead with their bespoke treatment plan

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