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VI Peel chemical skin treatment in london

VI Peel

At PHI Clinic, we're proud to offer our patients the highly sought-after VI Peel, a chemical skin peel that can work wonders for a range of skin concerns. 

This treatment is renowned for its effectiveness in treating acne and acne scarring, improving skin tone and texture, stimulating collagen growth, reversing signs of ageing, treating sun-damaged skin, reducing the appearance of pores, and addressing hyperpigmentation and melasma. 

Introduction to VI Peel

This treatment works on a cellular level, using vitamins and acids to encourage the body to build up collagen, removing damaged skin, and refining the top layer of skin to give you a smoother, radiant, more youthful appearance.


The VI Peel is said to be painless; patients describe the experience as a warm and tingly sensation which doesn’t last very long at all and causes minimal, if any, discomfort. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and ethnicities and unlike many other peels, it is safe to use around the eye area, on the neck, chest and hands. There is virtually no downtime (the peeling process lasts approximately 2-3 days) and you will see great results within 1-2 weeks after treatment. 

chemical peel skin treatment in london

This revolutionary treatment is noticeably effective after just one session without lasers or surgery due to its restorative nature, making it one of the best anti-ageing treatments out there. It is vital that you take care of the new skin exposed by the treatment; wear sunscreen and cut back on rigorous exfoliation to avoid redness and irritation.


VI Peel is a versatile solution that can help you achieve smoother, clearer, and more youthful-looking skin.

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Safe and effective treatment

Your safety is our top priority and making our patients feel welcomed and reassured when entering PHI Clinic. To ensure maximum standard of patient care, all of our treatments are only ever carried out by our experienced and highly qualified team, who receive regular in-house and external training from industry experts. 

At PHI Clinic we do not offer same day treatment as initial consultation to ensure patients have time to reflect on their bespoke treatment plan before choosing to proceed. 

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