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Wrinkle Resurfacing

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Laser resurfacing is a method used to treat a plethora of concerns and conditions. Because there are different intensities that the wrinkle resurfacing machine is capable of delivering, it can be used for ‘small’ problems like skin rejuvenation, as well as bigger or more dramatic treatments to scars and burns. Using a CO2, fractional laser, our practitioners can deliver concentrated pulses of light to the skin, removing the top layer or layers, which makes wrinkles and lines fade away. During the healing process, new skin emerges, which appears taut and smoother, leading to an overall healthier and refreshed appearance.

Due to the heat energy caused during wrinkle resurfacing, the device also stimulates collagen production, to help firm up the skin, but also break down scar tissue and improve movement for those having a higher-setting treatment by vaporising damaged skin cells.

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Wrinkle resurfacing treatment information

For more superficial treatments, patient may have resurfacing treatment 6 months apart, and will on average need 2-3 sessions of treatment. If a higher setting is used, patients will usually have just the one session. For scarred skin and burns, the patient may need several sessions, depending on the desired result. If the skin scars are raised or red in colour, other treatments may be advised in combination with the CO2.

As mentioned, the CO2 can be used for many different indications. A suitable candidate will be someone who is looking for fresher, younger-looking skin, or someone who has burns or scars and wishes to reduce their appearance and regain movement.

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Laser treatments

All skin types can be treated with the CO2, but we will always require that patients come to see an appropriate clinician for an assessment before any treatment takes place.

Because of the ablative nature of the laser treatment, patients should expect a downtime of 3-14 days after treatment. Patients are required to arrive at least 90 minutes before their treatment time so that anaesthetic can be applied. It is crucial that patients do not have exposure to the sun without sun protection for 6 months after treatment.

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More information

For more information, or to book your wrinkle resurfacing consultation, you can contact us on 0207 034 5999, email us on info@phiclinic.com, or find treatment pages right here on our website.

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